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How to Look Elegant and Classy Everyday

What kind of clothes do you like to wear and How to look elegant and classy every day? How do You Effortlessly Look Stylish Every day?

What kind of clothes do you like to wear and How to look elegant and classy every day?

Today's topic is How to look elegant and classy every day? In our life, everyone has their own favorite style of clothing, but also their favorite color. Walking to the street, all kinds of colorful colors form a landscape every day.

Open your wardrobe, and there will always be a color of clothes, is occupied "half of the country.". In fact, what color of clothes do you like to wear precisely due to your personality?

Everyone has their own preferences and unconsciously will buy many clothes of the same color at home. 

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What Kind of Person You Are.

1. Mostly Black

You like black clothes. You don't like high-profile people. You are also a very independent person.

A relatively low-key temperament will make people think you are not very close and always think you are a very cold person. Also because of your strong independence, you are very reluctant to bother others. If you have trouble, you like to carry it on your own.

This is a good thing for ordinary interpersonal communication. But if the relationship is close, this kind of too-independent nature will also inadvertently make people misunderstand, and make people mistakenly think that your relationship is too distant.

Like black clothes, you are also very calm and rational. So when I am with you, I will have a very reliable and practical feeling. People are willing to associate with you, and they are afraid to associate with you because of your calmness.

I hope you don't restrain your sensibility too much. You should always smile and let the people who like you close to you feel that you need them. Sometimes people are more connected because of the feeling of being needed.


2. Most White Clothes

You like white clothes, innocent. No matter what age you are at now, you should keep the same temperament as you were when you were young: pure, simple, and straightforward. In life, you are the most popular person, so your life is always lively and happy.

You don't like things that are too complicated, just as you don't like colorful clothes. On the contrary, it's simple white, which makes you more stable and comfortable.

At the end of the day, you're easy to satisfy a person. In fact, a lot of people envy you. They know more about the happiness of life and enjoy the simple happiness. Sometimes, other people are not as pure and simple as you. They look down on many things, so they are very tired and very tired.

3. Most of Them are Grey

Like gray clothes, you have a more stable temperament and are more mature than others. There's the same thing with people who love black, and you don't like high-profile, and you don't want to be noticed. For you, it's always more comfortable to be able to do your own things in peace, not to be the focus of others.

Everyone has troubles, you are no exception. It's just that you're not used to expressing your grievances and don't like to let people see through your mind. When you meet a sad ridge, you don't say it but bear it silently.

If someone cares about you and comes to help you, you are an easily touched person. Although the mouth cannot say thank you, the heart especially remembers others' good to you. In the future, I will be grateful for this good.

For you, because you don't say it, there are many things in your heart. Sometimes it's easy to break down and get depressed. I hope you can communicate with people more frankly, don't put too much pressure on yourself, and don't leave all your sensitive emotions to yourself.

4. Most of Them are Red

Like red clothes, you are bolder in character and behavior than ordinary people. Different from many people, you are enthusiastic, like to meet different people, and also like to show your strengths.

A lot of people envy your temperament because you are always firm in yourself, not afraid of other people's eyes, and not to listen to other people's evaluations. It seems that you always know what you like and what you want to pursue. Your life is always transparent.

I will never lose faith because of my momentary disappointment. Such an optimistic and positive look makes more people willing to get close to you and be infected by you.

Maybe your weakness is that sometimes you are not so patient and impatient. If you can be more stable, you may be able to live a better life slowly.


5. Most The Yellow Clothes

Like your yellow clothes of you, the disposition is very sunlight, letting the human feel a strong youth vigor. I will never feel bored with you. Because you can always make something new to make people around you feel new and interesting.

If you have to say, you have another characteristic, that is, extra warmth. Maybe you didn't notice that you are actually a very caring and kind person. You will pay attention to other people's psychological feelings, take care of other people's emotions, and avoid creating pressure on people.

So I'm always comfortable with you. Because of your vitality and warmth. In addition to these colors, there are also people who like blue clothes. They are sincere and always quiet and comfortable. 

People who like green clothes are the most interested in life. Most of them are humorous and interesting. People who like purple clothes are romantic and emotional. They are brave to pursue.

May as well go back and have a look, what kind of color clothes do you have in your wardrobe. Look, are you the kind of person I'm talking about.

How To Look Elegant And Classy Everyday

Most of the time, our dress will inadvertently give people the feeling of being overstrength, how to wear new elegance in daily life? The exquisiteness that seems to be revealed inadvertently? 

It is the most important indicator that tests a woman's fashion sense.

  • 1. Real elegance and resistance are fancy fashions that are completely inconsistent with their own styles, so Really don't try to impersonate them, but simply and rudely.
  • 2. Cultivate the vision of choosing basic models and re-examine your wardrobe every year to upgrade our basic models. Neckline, sleeve type, waist, length, pattern, material... It seems basic, but it is better than the detailed design
  • 3. Learn to incorporate a sense of formality into a casual style. Even if the matching of trench coats and shirts is the same, we must also look at their respective styles (feel the subtle difference between formal and casual. Why do other people wear fashionable clothes and wear them dull?)
  • 4. Sports style is popular in recent years, but please remember that daily leisure is not equal to sports style. A smarter approach is to use a sports style as an element in the outfit. Use sneakers with printed skirts and suit pants instead of sportswear;
  • 5. Comfort is also a sexy expression. Relaxed tailoring not only makes the wearer more comfortable and self-confident but also relaxes the vision of others a lot, resulting in an unconscious and natural high-level sexy. Don't simply understand sexy as a cheap publicity
  • 6. Simple and clean is really fashionable.

Accurate measurement is not a skill that can be learned in a day. It requires time and rational thinking. Sometimes it also requires bold practice and courage to explore.

The process of cultivating beauty may start with dressing up or learning painting/flower arrangement/dance/photography, etc. as an entry point. In this process, let us begin to develop the habit of looking at the world from the details. When we start to love When life/be grateful for life/embedded with life, our understanding of beauty is not so narrow, and our understanding of ourselves becomes clearer and clearer.

Women in the 30-year-old age group may have just become a mother for a long time. Most of them have to face the economic pressure of their families, the busy life, and high-intensity work, and the busy ones have little private space at all. These reasons make most women feel powerless in dressing themselves up.

Do your best in life, why not pay more attention to yourself? There is a saying that "women should love themselves a little more". A wise woman, even a stay-at-home mother, will spare time to maintain herself, so don't give up women's beauty-loving nature because of their busy life.

At the age of 30, the youth has faded and become more mature and charming. This temperament is the best gift given by time. Therefore, we should dress up well and show our beauty. In our daily life, we should be leisurely, elegant, and charming women.

1. High Waisted Dress + High Heels

How to be elegant in a busy daily life? A suitable dress is very important, choose a waist, and the skirt is a calf dress, that can decorate the majority of women after giving birth to the baby not restore the fat figure. Plus a worry-free collocation, simple and fast, with high heels, outstanding temperament, and charming style.

2. T-Shirt + Wide Leg Pants Casual Elegance

Into autumn, of course, you can't miss the popular knitwear! The loose shape of the T-shirt is very lazy and casual, which is very suitable for daily wear. With wide-leg pants, leisure with a little elegant and capable of women's flavor, it is simply beautiful!

3. Women in the New Era with Hip Wrap Dress and High Heels

Prefer to professional buttock dress, sexy but elegant, very feminine. It is very suitable for 30-year-old women who are busy with their work and are in a career period. They can learn to love themselves and be a beautiful new-age woman who has to dress up for work every day.

4. Windbreaker Coat + High-Heeled Boots

As a popular windbreaker in autumn, it appears frequently in daily life. Whether it is daily going out of the street or gathering or working or dinner, it can be perfectly controlled without losing identity. With high-heeled shoes, it is elegant and tall.

5. Top + Skirt full of Elegant and Delicate Femininity

When you are 30, there will inevitably be women who neglect to manage their own bodies. You can choose a combination of a loose top and an umbrella skirt to dress the body to the greatest extent. It looks not only thin but also has exquisite taste and elegant temperament!

6. Long Woolen Coat + High Heel Shoes with Elegant Full Marks

As the seasons change into the cold season, the busy life makes the women who only know the pursuit of warmth blindly become more confused in dressing. In order to avoid bloated and nondescript collocation, a woolen coat is the best choice, simple and fashionable. Add a pair of high-heeled shoes, it is beautiful to a new height.

How Do You Effortlessly Look Stylish Every Day? 

It's not appropriate to wear too many colors. Too many colors will make people look messy without priority, so it's wise to use fewer colors. In general, daily wear should not be more than three colors from clothing selection to accessories matching. 

But it's not easy to match them with less. Even if you choose two colors, you should also pay attention to color matching. Only in this way can you wear a very fashionable visual sense.


In color, we are divided into three color systems: warm, medium, and cold. Only by coordinating with each other can we get a pleasant effect. 

Generally speaking, cold color + cold color, warm color + warm color, cold color or warm color + middle color, solid color + solid color, solid color + pattern are the most appropriate combinations; taboo combinations are pattern + pattern, light color + bright color, Heather and heather. 

In this way, some friends may not get a clue. Let's take a look at the "color" collocation of dressing. How to wear a fashion sense effortlessly and have a relaxed and fashionable day!

1. Color of Ice and Snow White

Classic black-and-white matching is always the favorite of the fashion industry. No matter how the fashion industry changes, it can not deny the fashion sense of black-and-white combinations. 

Black and white can create a clean look. When it's cold, it can match with a black or red coat, which is also very fashionable.

White pants with a blue top, simple atmosphere, and no loss. You can choose some tops with fashionable elements to make them look monotonous and energetic.

The combination of red and white is also very classic, with high saturation and red showing vitality and passion. The red jacket is matched with a white base coat and ripped jeans. The sharp color contrast also shows the proportion of the body and the fashionable street style.

Exquisite white knitwear cardigan and printed T-shirt, with blue jeans, very comfortable in the daily leisure style. Skinny jeans are very flattering, versatile, and neat. They are one of the clothes that are not available in the wardrobe. 


2. Mysterious Black Matching

If white symbolizes purity, cleanness, and nobility, then black represents mystery, understatement, and composure. Like white, black is the most commonly used color matching for daily wear. It can match almost all colors of clothing.

The combination of red and black is also classic, dignified, and vigorous. In winter, it has a warm sense of vision. In addition, the fur collar on the coat also has a kind of noble style.

Black pants and striped tops are matched, so they are low-key and energetic. The vertical striped top can also show the slim figure, which is very neat when putting into trousers.

If there is an enviable vest line, try matching a short black and white striped T-shirt with black jeans, and you will have a good chance of turning around.

In winter, you can also try the combination of black leather pants, a white Slouchy sweater, and a camel coat, which is a high-end casual style with a full sense of hierarchy.

3. The Gray Collocation of The Mean

Gray is a kind of moderate color, which represents deep, elegant, and capable, rich in knowledge and good education. Gray and black and white are different, with different depth changes, so you need to master some matching skills in dressing.

Grey knitwear with a black jacket and black pants is elegant and stylish. It looks elegant.

Different grey collocation is a very good way. The Grey sweater and knitted scarf create a gradual effect while showing a sense of hierarchy. They match with casual jeans and leather shoes to wear casually and dignified.

In winter, you can also wear a gray overcoat, wear torn jeans, and casual shoes. It's high-end and comfortable. It's fashionable to wear every day!

4. Color of Energy - Red

Red is a kind of color with high saturation and visual stimulation, full of passion and sex. It is the most commonly used color in a traditional Chinese wedding. But now everyday wear is also very popular, and gives a fresh visual sense.

Red jacket with white bottoms and trousers, full of vitality and clean, or more easily become "leg essence" method.

Black jacket and red dress match, steady but not lose vitality, but also very elegant temperament.


5. Orange of Warm Sunshine

It has to be said that Mrs. Bear is an expert in color matching. The light blue shirt, orange wide-leg pants, and high-heeled shoes are obviously fresh and sunny.

Or choose a combination of black pants with a variety of styles. The lazy knitwear shows vitality, while the black pants are dignified and steady.

You can also choose orange knitwear and white pants, which is more youthful.

6. Vibrant and Hopeful Green

Green is not only the color of nature but also the true color of a black horse. This year, green clothing has captured the hearts of many girls. Girls who have not tried can perform some fashion charm in winter.

Green coat with a blue dress, full of vitality and a high-level way to wear, but also elegant and feminine.

A dark green coat with a striped dress, it shows the proportion of the body and elegant temperament, with short hair more capable.

It's easy to see, casual and stylish, with a baseball cap.

7. Noble and Cool Purple

In ancient times, purple was a symbol of power and wealth, which could only be used by kings and nobles. However, purple is not easy to match, because it is very picky about skin color and color system. If it's not properly matched, it's easy to produce embarrassing scenes, but it's also very fashionable if it's properly matched.

Purple wide-leg pants and gray T-shirt match, this matching waistline is very intuitive and very elegant.

Three color mix and match effect, dignified, atmosphere and leisure, and full of sense of hierarchy.

How to Make Yourself Become Elegant and Classy

All the youth are destined to be old, all the excitement will eventually pass, all the charming will be precipitated, and all the light will no longer be dazzling. However, we have seen such a woman, she is like red wine, and the longer the time, the more mellow the taste. 

When the last faint astringency on the surface is erased by years, only the deep fragrance and sweetness are left for her. This is an elegant woman. Elegance is a permanent fashion; elegance is a gift of age. It is a kind of harmony. It is very similar to beauty, but beauty is the gift of parents, and elegance is the product of mood. 

Elegant temperament is the natural expression of one's temperament. It doesn't mean a beautiful face and luxurious clothes. It is a perfect combination of one's internal cultural accomplishment and external appearance. It is also not a non-cannibalism, it has all the warmth of human nature, but also fully shows the fragility of human nature. 

When an elegant woman appears in front of us, our eyes will suddenly light up, and our hearts will move for it. Because elegance makes people feel that beauty is rare, because it is rare, it is precious. 

For our Ordinary Women, How Can We Become Elegant? 

1. Read more 

Books are nutrition for elegant women. If there are no books in the elegant woman's life, it is like there is no sunshine; if there is no book in her wisdom, it is like a bird without wings. An elegant woman knows that her extraordinary temperament comes from reading. Elegant women in reading to increase wisdom, through the baptism of the years, never old. 

2. Living an elegant life

The elegant women have a simple, natural, and unpretentious appearance. She doesn't care about the effect of famous brands, but she knows how to decorate. She was wearing old clothes, but a chic scarf or necklace gave people a very tasty feeling. 

Elegant women know how to eat. She was regular and regular, and she ate sparingly. She liked vegetables and fruits in her recipes, but she was nutritious. 

Elegant women like to keep fit. She doesn't do a lot of strenuous exercises, but she does some graceful, flexible, and slim aerobic exercises. 

Elegant women like to sleep. They firmly believe that regular sleep is the best way to make skin smooth and ruddy. 

Elegant women love themselves. Take her daily life as a little rest. 

Elegant women pay attention to the details of the decoration, they never let a little defect destroy their overall perfection. 

Elegant women don't let fashion influence them, but they contain fashion with their own elegance. She doesn't flaunt her unique fashion, but she won't lose her style for fashion. 

3. Peace of mind and grace 

A woman knows that her grace really comes from peace of mind. Elegant women are kind, tolerant, compassionate, and understanding. Elegant women have ideals, self-confidence, health, cheerfulness and optimism, and a wide range of interests. The elegant woman is romantic in heart and stands aloof from the world, emphasizing personality but not showing off. 

Conclusion of  How to Look Elegant and Classy Everyday

What color do you prefer when you look at these everyday color combinations?

Finally, I would like to say that even if life is busy, you should also remember to take the time to dress up and be nice to yourself, which is the best attitude towards life for a woman!

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