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What are some best ways to use lipstick in makeup?

What are some best ways to use lipstick in makeup? How to use lipstick correctly. 13 Best Lipstick Brand Recommendations

The hottest lipstick shades are here! How to draw good-looking lipstick? How much do you know about the new way of lip makeup?  

Makeup is an important way for girls to become beautiful when they are adults. The editor believes that the most important thing for women to become beautiful is the use of lipstick. 

The choice of lipstick color and the use of lipstick are very important. Many bloggers will also recommend lipstick numbers. 

In fact, I think it is best to choose oneself. more important. Then the editor will bring you the relevant content on how to apply lipstick and the correct method of applying lipstick. 

Lip makeup can also be said to be the most delicate embellishment on the face. Usually, even if you don’t want to wear makeup, you can go out with a touch of red lips. 

But for the lip makeup of the right moment, it will appear relatively dull, the aura of the M-shaped lips, the fashionable rainbow lips, and the small fresh willow lips. 

These are new ways to play that are different from ordinary faces, so let's take a look at these differences!


Contrasting with the soft and gradual biting lip makeup, the rainbow lip can bring the gradient lip makeup change to the extreme, whether it is the gradient of the same color, or the combination of different contrasting colors, because the current beauty experts have played a variety of lip makeup. The new pattern is simply irresistible!

Modern women tend to prefer fresh and natural beauty for makeup, and the popular "willow lips" can just satisfy women's careful thoughts. The focus of the willow lip is to weaken the lip peak, blur the lip line, and make it easier to color if it is full of vitality.

Different lip makeup also exudes different charms. There are many ways to paint lip makeup. In addition to daily routines, you can also paint an artistic eye-catching, and personalized one from time to time. 

For example, this year's popular kiss lip makeup, although some people can't understand its fashion, does not prevent it from being hot, and people with flowing lip makeup can play with eye-catching free lip makeup.

The M-shaped lip is characterized by a lip line that looks like a smiling lip, also known as a "smile lip". The edge of the upper lip has an obvious curvature similar to the M - shaped lip, and the M-shaped lip looks fashionable and full of aura.

Laura Jenkinson, a make-up artist from the United Kingdom, has the idea of transforming various cartoon characters in her mouth. She mainly uses oil paint for stage makeup to complete her work, and occasionally uses lip gloss. She has gained a huge following on the website for her fun and creative cartoon lip makeup.


The popular kiss lip makeup, a makeup artist who designed this lip makeup is named Val Garland. This lip makeup is from the show of the autumn and winter fashion week of the previous year. 

When I first saw this lip makeup, it seemed that I used it after applying lipstick. The feeling of wiping on the back of the hand indiscriminately subverts our perception of the makeup industry.

This is the lip work released by the makeup artist. In addition to the eye-catching shiny lip gloss, this lip makeup that has been saturated to the point of dripping has also caused a heated discussion, although it is unlikely that this kind of lip makeup will be painted at the event. , but appreciating work is a different kind of enjoyment.

As an old saying goes, there are no ugly women in the world, only lazy women. As a woman, I feel deeply about this sentence. 

Many times, I also think that wearing makeup is indeed more spiritual and more energetic than no makeup. Makeup looks a little brighter, but makeup is not a simple matter. 

Makeup is not as easy as everyone thinks. It does not mean that you can paint delicate makeup by applying makeup on your face according to the position. The most important thing is to see you. 

Whether these cosmetics can be used for their benefits, the following editor will mainly tell you how to apply lipstick to maximize its effect.

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How to use lipstick correctly

Bite lip makeup: Cover the original color of the lips with a lip primer, then use a lip brush to take the lipstick and apply it to the inside of the lips, and use your fingers to apply the inner lipstick to the periphery of the mouth evenly. 

M lip lipstick: first use a cotton swab dipped in highlighter to draw M on the edge of the upper lip, and then apply the lipstick in the shape. 

Lipstick and lip pencil: Before applying lipstick, draw a circle according to the lip shape with the lip pencil, and then apply the lipstick.

1. How to apply biting lip makeup lipstick

  • The first step is to use a lip primer to whiten the lip concealer to cover the original color of the lips.
  • The second step is to dip the lipstick with a lip brush and apply it to the inside of the lips, and then use your fingers to apply the lipstick from the inside of the lips to the periphery of the mouth, and apply it evenly.
  • After the third step, the color will change from dark to light from inside to outside, and then apply lipstick on the inside of the lips to deepen the color of the inside of the mouth. 

2. The M-shaped lip lipstick application method

  • The first step is to use a cotton swab dipped in highlighter to draw an M on the edge of the upper lip to brighten the edge of the lips and highlight the M lips.
  • The second step is to use a lip brush to dip the lipstick and apply it in the drawn shape, draw the high point on the lip beads, and try to draw the lower part in the middle of the upper lip of the mouth.

3. Lipstick and lip pencil with the appropriate application method

  • The first step is to apply a layer of lipstick before applying lipstick to prevent the lips from peeling. If you have dark lips, you can apply a primer first to cover the original color.
  • The second step is to draw a circle with the lip pencil according to the lip shape and then apply the lipstick. The painted lipstick has a clear lip line and emphasizes the color of the lipstick.

4. Common lipstick application methods

  • In the first step lipsticks are pointed, when applying the lipstick, the pointed end is facing up, and a V shape is simply drawn in the center of the lip for positioning.
  • Step 2 Then, point down, and apply from the corners of the mouth to the middle of the mouth, outlining the upper lip.
  • The third step is to apply the lower lip, and repeat the application several times until the lips are evenly saturated.

13 Best Lipstick Brand Recommendations 

1. Estee Lauder Lipstick 

Estee Lauder 270, a little bit rosy, is the most popular peach color in Sansheng III and the main color of the big power. 

It is the secret weapon for creating love lip makeup, and it looks good when applied thinly or thickly.

2. Lancome Lipstick 

Lancome's most classic 378 is housekeeping rose pink. It is a color that will not be missed in every series of Lancome lip makeup. It is white and does not pick skin! Comes with a sponge air-cushion brush head, which makes it easy to color.

This is the most positive red, the point is not to pick the skin color, the white skin and yellow skin are very white. 

The paste is soft, moisturizing and moisturizing, and the durability is also good. The shiny and moisturizing texture is easy to apply. 

3. Dior lipstick 

Dior lipstick's new bright blue gold lipstick satin/moisturizing. This hot velvet matte lipstick has bright colors and a fresh taste. 

After the velvet texture is applied with the atmospheric red, the face is particularly white and bright. 

4. Armani Lipstick

Armani (ARMANI) red tube lip glaze velvet matte lipstick lasting moisturizing natural ambiguous milk apricot color

This is the most popular of all lipsticks. It naturally enhances the complexion and can be controlled by any complexion regardless of the skin. The matte velvet texture is also more advanced. 

5. Radish Queen Lipstick 

Radish Queen Scepter Lipstick Seven Pack Gift Box Matte Hydrating Cosmetics Lipstick

6. YSL's Lipsticks 

YSL's lipsticks are very good in terms of color rendering and moisturizing. The gentle masculine color is super complex, and it is right to wear it on a date! 

YSL Saint Laurent small gold bar thin tube lipstick lasting color lipstick gift box. 

7. Perfect diary Lipstick

Perfect diary velvet lip glaze gold velvet mini set, the biggest feature of the velvet series can be described in two words, that is texture, the very everyday color number is also very white, 

and it is also very friendly to yellow skin, it is recommended to do it before painting Moisturizing works. Perfect Diary Velvet Lip Glaze Gold Velvet Mini Set.

8. Maybelline

In 1913, the United States, the world's leading brand of popular cosmetics, a brand under the French L'Oreal Group

9. Chanel

In 1913 in Paris, France, with a wide range of products, a famous French luxury brand, Paris Chanel Group


In France in 1907, the world's leader in the cosmetics industry, China's well-known trademarks, L'Oreal Group

11. Guerlain

Born in France in 1828, the world's first cosmetic brand, a widely acclaimed luxury brand

12. Shiseido

In 1872 Japan, started as a pharmacy, a famous Japanese cosmetics brand, Shiseido Group Co., Ltd.

13. Avon 

In 1886 in New York, the United States, the world's top ten brands, one of the world's largest beauty and cosmetics companies.

Conclusion: Best ways to use lipstick in makeup

The above lipsticks and lip glazes are inspired by the use of high-tech moisturizing formulas, and innovatively create a very thin but bright lip makeup, a variety of different colors, full of light transparency, suitable for yellow skin, and white skin, There are almost all types of dark skin and different skin tones

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