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The Best 10 French Cosmetics Brands You Should Know and Trust

The Best 10 French Cosmetics Brands You Should Know and Trust, such as LANCOME, DIOR, CHANEL, GUERLAIN, L'OREAL, HR, BIOTHERM, CLARINS, YVES ROCHER..
Today's topic is about the best 10 French cosmetics brands you should know and trustWhen you come to Paris, the world-famous fashion capital, how can you not choose makeup weapons that make us beautiful? 

Whether you love big-name skincare or new cosmetics, Paris can always meet all your needs for beauty. What are you waiting for? Let us experience the beautiful magic of Paris together.

France is a veritable shopping paradise. When you travel, you must not miss buying and buying. It seems that if you don't buy more to take home, you feel that you have missed a hundred million. 

France can definitely be said to be a girl’s paradise. In addition to buying luxury bags, watches, and clothing, there are also many first-line big-name cosmetics and French local cosmeceuticals. You must not miss it.

The Best French Cosmetic Brands - What to Buy and Where to Buy

To talk about the top ten French cosmetics brands, most people ask similar questions about the top ten French cosmetics brands when they buy French cosmetics. 

I recommend that you know the top ten French cosmetics brands after you read them. (Whoever wants to buy French cosmetics can remember to use this website). 

In fact, you don’t need to care about {$brands. $}, the important thing is to look at gold medal products and buyer feedback. Just look at these two points. It is indeed a good French cosmetic. 

First, there will be an advantage in gold medal products, and the second is buyer feedback. 

The website above is very detailed. The French cosmetics brands with the best gold medal products and reviews are all there. 

The product name, price, and seller integrity are all clearly written. I believe it will be beneficial to other people to buy French cosmetics. I Hope to Adopt my answer.

What are the best French cosmetics/makeup brands and where can you discover them?

Below you’ll find our complete guide to The 10 Best French Cosmetic Brands and what to buy from each including what’s inside a French girl’s makeup kit, where you can find the perfect cosmetics and more INSIDER tips you won’t find anywhere else!

French Cosmetics Brands Archives:

Paris is not only a fashion capital but also a shopping paradise. There are all kinds of international first-line beauty products, and the prices are much cheaper than domestic ones. 

However, the wisest choice for buying cosmetics in Paris is to buy French local brands, because the strength of the discounts is often the greatest. 

And although the selling prices of big American brands like Estee Lauder in Paris are still superior to those in the mainland, they are not much different from those in Hong Kong and are not the first choice for shopping. 

Next, I will introduce you to several French beauty brands that are the most popular.

What famous brand-name cosmetics are there in France

It depends on which category it is a famous brand, because each category has its own characteristics and specific consumer customers, and there are also "famous brands" recognized in this category. 

  • First-line big brands: concentrated in major high-end department store counters or Make-up and skincare specialty stores, such as Galeries Lafayette, Sephora chain stores, etc., brand names are familiar hot girls, grandma, Dior, Yang Shulin, etc.;
  • Supermarket brands: brands in the skincare area of ​​major supermarkets include various supermarket's Custom brands, such as the famous L'Oreal, Nivea, Carrefour OEM, etc.;
  • Cosmeceutical brand: only available in pharmacies, formulated for certain skin problems, general dermatologists will recommend their patients for daily maintenance Using cosmeceutical brands, the four most famous French cosmeceutical kings: Nuxe, Ouliti, Avène, and La Roche-Posay, of course, the brands are far more than these
  • Self-operated skincare products: Directly managed or franchised stores of their own brands, and even their own For example, the famous L’Occitane, L’Occitane also went through the cosmeceutical channel more than ten years ago, but later changed its strategy to only direct stores, of course, the price has soared a lot; there is also a well-known Yves Rocher, It is also its own brand and its own store
  • Natural and organic plant skincare brand: basically only available in various organic chain stores. This type of brand is relatively small, because the selection of materials is excellent, and the price is also in the mid-end. It’s too high, and there’s basically no advertising that is spread by word of mouth. Domestic consumers are still very unfamiliar with this kind of brand, but in recent years it is indeed a hot spot for French female consumers, and it's also my favorite brand, such as Centifolia, costs, and so on.

These categories are very different, and the brands among them have their own merits. If you want to know more, please give me a thumbs up for my answer. 

I can rank first in the answer according to my own 20 Years of experience to produce a detailed strategy.

France is the capital of romance. Perfume and cosmetics are relatively well-known. So, do you know what brands of French cosmetics are? Which cosmetics are easy to use in France? 

Today we list the top ten brands in the French cosmetics list for everyone. Recommend to everyone, beauties can find out which brand of cosmetics in France is better.

I'd Like To Introduce Some Of The Most Popular French Cosmetics Brands And What To Buy From Each. 

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The Best 10 French Cosmetics Brands You Should Know and Trust


Lancome was born in France in 1935 and is a world-renowned high-end cosmetics brand. 

Its main product areas include skincare, make-up, and perfume, suitable for mature women aged 25-40. 

Although the brand has a long history, Lancome's products are very suitable for women today. 

Lancome’s well-known products include Lancome powder water, Lancome small black bottle muscle foundation, and so on.

—Lancome Gold medal products:

Lancome Mascara

LANCOME Mascara is absolutely the star product of Lancome. It is loved by consumers and has an indispensable position in the cosmetics industry. 

It is said that one of the two Mascara sold in the world is LANCOME. 


The head of Lancome mascara is unique in design, detailed in level, and easy to make up. 

The fibers on the brushes are more compact than other brands and are suitable for creating thick eyelashes. 

Lancome Mascara has designed different products to meet the different needs of consumers. 

It is recommended to choose a 3D stereo Mascara for informal occasions such as de sharp eyelash cream, evening makeup, and other formal occasions.

Promising review: 

For me, this mascara delivered on every promise, and then some. Dynamic, eye-opening results without ending up with uni-lash; check. Long-wearing without flaking, running, or eye irritation - check. Waterproof- check. The only downside is the price ...BUT ... since I’m Using fewer passes, I expect to break even. Pardon the weird capitalizations; the “Review” field won’t let me correct them and the iPad is capitalizing what it wants. ;-).—Susan H.

Click Here To Check Out More Lancome Mascaras on Amazon. 

Lancome Hydra Zen

Lancome Hydra Zen is one of the most popular skincare series of Lancome. 

The texture of Hydra Zen series products is light, transparent, delicate, and moisturizing. 


It can moisturize the skin comprehensively, but it will not block the pores and produce a thick feeling. 

Long-term use can also regulate the skin, reduce skin fatigue, and have a certain sedative effect on the injured skin, especially for skin problems caused by environmental weather such as sun exposure, electromagnetic radiation, etc., and even be called "life-saving" cream by consumers.

Promising review: 

Worth the price and good quality—Marco

Click Here To Check Out More Lancome Hydra Zen on Amazon. 

Lancome Tonique Comfort

Lancome Tonique conforms - commonly known as Lancome powder water. 

Girls who have used large powder water all know that it is comfortable to wipe powder water on the face. 


Although the texture of the powder water is relatively thick, it will not feel like it is pasted on the face, and the nourishing ingredients are easily absorbed. 

After long-term use, the skin of the face will become more soft and full of elasticity.

Promising review: 

I think I use it for ten years. Lovely.—Victoria

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Dior Dior was founded in Paris in 1946. All aspects of its product design is in the field of high-end consumer goods such as clothing, jewelry, perfume, and cosmetics. 

Dior color makeup with its rich color and exquisite skincare technology occupies an important position in the beauty industry. 

Today, DIOR is one of the representatives of innovation. The treasure of the town brand: blue gold lipstick-DIOR's iconic, rich and soft, pure color, achieving an incredible balance between comfort and durability. 

The top ten French cosmetics brands are also indispensable gifts among countless women's handbags. 5-color eyeshadow-Although DIOR will launch a variety of dazzling new makeup products every season, this one has continued since 1987 and is still the favorite of many makeup artists and women.

—Dior Gold medal products:

Blue gold lipstick (ROUGE DIOR)


The blue gold lipstick is the killer product of DIOR. The lipstick paste is soft and delicate, moistening lips skin, pure color, lustrous and attractive, and achieves an unbelievable balance between comfort and durability. 

It is an indispensable beauty artifact in the handbag of numerous female stars and celebrities.

Click Here To Check Out More ROUGE DIOR on Amazon. 


5 Color Eye Shadow (DIOR 5 COLOR EYESHADOW) - although DIOR will produce various dazzling makeup products every season, there are always some classic products that can stand the test of time. 


So far, such as the 5-color eye shadow, since its debut in 1987, is still the best single product of makeup and women's makeup with its excellent texture and excellent collocation.

Click Here To Check Out More DIOR 5 COLOR EYESHADOW on Amazon. 


In 1913, Chanel Chanel was founded in Paris, France. This famous hundred-year-old fashion brand has a wide range of products and has always been the favorite of celebrities and ladies. 

The CHANEL brand with the two C's as the brand logo also started with high-end ready-to-wear. In the field of relatively large become a perfume. 

The treasure of the town brand: NO.5 perfume-this perfume that has established a perfume myth has become the favorite of countless women around the world. 

The top ten French cosmetics brands have a particularly elegant and romantic style, which fully expresses the meticulous feelings in the heart of women. 

The famous saying of the sexy goddess Monroe "I only wear NO.5 to sleep" makes this famous for a hundred years.

—Chanel Gold medal products:

Chanel N°5 Eau De Parfum Spray 


No.5 perfume (CHANEL N degree 5) -A hall-level perfume product that has created the perfume industry myth of the palace perfume products, almost every woman wants to experience the "wear" Chanel 5 feeling. Its elegant fragrance shows the charm and romance of women. 

Monroe, the goddess of sex, has added "No.5 to sleep", which adds to this woman's fragrance.  

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Biotherm, founded in 1952, is headquartered in Paris. Its products contain a kind of mineral spring-living cytokine thermal plankton extracted from mineral water. 

Biotherm is designed to provide pure and healthy protection for the skin through natural active ingredients. 

It is a medical skincare concept skincare product containing mineral active factors. It specializes in female skincare and launched a men's skincare series in 1958. 

Its first cream became a celebrity at the time. The "pharmacy nobleman" was sought after by ladies.

Biotherm Gold medal products:

Biotherm AquaSource 

Biotherm AquaSource non-stop is the best-selling product to establish its position in the industry. 


Each bottle contains the same active ingredients as 5000 liters of hot spring water. Only need to use pea-size daub on the face, can quickly replenish water for the skin, and present the most perfect moisturizing and glossy state.

Promising review: 

I have used this product for years. The gel is a light, refreshing boost of moisture in the morning, especially nice on those hot, muggy summer days. I use normal/combination skin, and it has worked well for me for over 2 decades.—Read More—Bride to be

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Helena is one of the brands of the modern beauty industry. HR attaches great importance to the application of medical high-tech in skin care products and is committed to providing women with the top luxury beauty experience. 

Helena is the top luxury beauty brand under the L'Oréal Group, founded in Australia in 1902 by Ms. Helena Rubinstein. 

The biggest feature of the Helena brand is that it never needs to bluff through advertisements. It always convinces people with word of mouth, so its word of mouth and reputation are highly praised. 

Among them, the Helena Green Aquarius series has always been the star series of the Helena brand. 

In 2017, the Helena Green Aquarius series was newly upgraded, which simplified a large amount of sea fennel and sea celery extracts used in the fakes into double sea fennel extracts. Helena is also a brand that is popular among women.

Helena Gold medal products:

Helena Rubinstein


Extreme beauty collagen series, vitamin C essence series (HR PRODIGY, HR FORCE C PREMIUM) - these anti-wrinkle and repair products have an obvious effect, aiming at improving skin problems caused by aging and enjoying the reputation of "first-aid station" in the skin. It has been pursued by countless women who are getting older, but still pursue the perfect state of the skin.

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Clarins, founded in 1954, is a famous French beauty brand. Especially for the production of breast enhancement, slimming, slimming, and other functional cosmetics that are well-known around the world.

Clarins Gold medal products:

Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel 


Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel - pure and fresh water is introduced into dry skin to immediately relieve tight and dry skin. 

Contains the extract of Catalpa bark and Sorbus extract, which can regulate the skin water shortage and solve the skin problems caused by environmental pollution. 

It helps prevent wrinkles and improve glossiness, and rejuvenate the skin.

Promising review: 

I love this cream. I have fairly dry skin in certain places, but also fairly oily skin in the T-zone. This stuff is really awesome and feels like it absorbs into my skin perfectly while keeping everything balanced. It has also helped balance out the color, as well. Overall I'm just over the moon with this stuff. 10/10 would recommend.—Renee Rockwood

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Since 1828, when Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain, a doctor, and pharmacist, opened the first perfume shop in Paris, France, Guerlain, who is inseparable from perfume, has sung. In 1830, Guerlain tried to put incense

Elegance and sophistication are the symbols of Guerlain in France. The perfumery skills handed down from generation to generation and the bottling art created by countless details make Guerlain perfume a symbol of elegance. 

Its cosmetics and skin care products also have the classic high-grade Guerlain fragrance. , Fresh and natural.

Guerlain has also created a series of prescriptions, making her mark in daily skincare products and cosmetics. In 1939, Guerlain opened his first skincare center at 68 Avenue Champs Elysées in Paris and created his own unique French massage method. At that time, it became a place of communication in the French circle. 

This young perfumer made his name with perfume Later, he was hired as an exclusive perfumer for the royal family and nobles. 

Since 1955, Guerlain has put more effort into skincare and cosmetics and successively opened manufacturing and research centers. 

In 1980, after the birth of the "Issima series" representing Guerlain's elegant and luxurious style, the top ten French cosmetics brands launched Guerlain as a professional skincare brand.

—Guerlain Gold medal products:

Guerlain Meteorites

Guerlain meteorites - just a box of magic meteors has made Jenolan famous all over the world. 

Pink adds ruddy, green fades redness and swelling, white is pleasant to the eye, and bright, gold, and pearl color bring out crystal luster. 


A variety of colors set off each other so that the level of skin color is richer, and full of verve; light transparent powder with a matte hazy color. 

Don't look down upon this small dozen of pink beads, they can make women glow with charming luster. Meteor powder has become the most popular and popular star product series of Jiaolainsfor years. 

Promising review: 

I used these in the mid-'80s and loved them. I had somehow forgotten about them until I saw an ad. I bought them and I am in Heaven. My face is so smooth and has a certain sheen...not shine. Remember, this is an all-overpowered and not a contouring powder.—Read More—Amazon Customer

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L'Oreal Paris is an affordable brand with the same name as L'Oreal Group in France. It is also one of the most famous and oldest popular cosmetics brands in the group. 

It mainly produces hair dyeing, hair care, color makeup, and skincare products. Its outstanding quality has been favored by beauty-loving women all over the world. 

L'Oréal Co., Ltd., founded in France in 1907, is the world's leading beauty brand. It started with the world's first non-toxic synthetic hair dye. 

It focuses on research in skincare products /hair-dying appliances /dermatology /pharmaceuticals and other fields. 

It is known as " The Kingdom of Beauty".

—L'Oreal Paris Gold medal products:



This is a high-tech skincare product favored by consumers, averaging 10.2 sales per minute. 

Through intensive nutrition input, this muscle base fluid can improve the skin condition. Long-term use can make the skin more delicate, reduce fatigue traces, and reappear young vitality.

Promising review: 

This is by far one of the better skin care products on the market. I've tried many and this one delivers. It's light so you don't feel weighed down or like you have a mask on. It absorbs into the skin immediately and provides excellent sun protection. I live in NorCal and the sun although not hot can be brutal.—Sylvia's Dad

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In France, the most successful middle-class mass cosmetics brand has a good reputation among French women and has a large number of users. 

The exclusive stores of Yves Rocher can be seen on almost all streets. Yves Rocher has a wide user base in other European countries outside France and even in the United States. 

The brand has a wide range of products, including skincare, color make-up, body care, make-up tools, etc., and the price is reasonable, usually in a few to 20 Europe.

—Yves Rocher Gold medal products:



This comfortable and well-absorbed essence extracts seven kinds of plant active essence and repairs the skin completely. 

The taste is also very good, there is a plant fragrance.

Click Here To Check Out More YVES ROCHER ELIXIR on Amazon. 


Originating from France's beautiful Provence, the raw materials of the products are all extracted from natural plants, enjoying a high reputation all over the world.

—L'OCCITANE Gold medal products: 

L'OCCITANE Baume des Yeux 


L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Eye Balm is an affordable eye cream with high praise from users. 

Extract the essence of the wax, and make it effective. The texture is a fresh, pure natural material that makes people feel at ease.

Promising review: 

First bought it in a duty-free shop in BKK - now can't live without it - and even use it on my chest and hands, great 'peeling' effect! Seems like a lot of $ for a tiny jar - but packs a lot of power for the money and is so very worth it - would pay double the price - and it's cut down the frequency of my Botox visits for crow's feet. And no I am not being paid or compensated in any way for this review. Just think it's a great product!—Read More—Amazon Customer

Click Here To Check Out More L'OCCITANE Baume des Yeux on Amazon. 

Where can I buy cosmetics?

Choice1: [Department store]

Department stores are synonymous with "big and complete". General department stores can include most of the famous brand cosmetics and skincare products

So consumers who are aiming for famous brands can identify a department store and find almost all the treasures they want. 

The beauty brands sold in department stores have an independent counter. The saleswoman is very familiar with the product features of the brand and can make personalized recommendations according to your needs. 

During the sale period, each beauty brand in the department store will often offer a big discount package. 

The combination of super value can't be missed. Another advantage of shopping in department stores is that they can enjoy the benefits and services provided by department stores, such as gift packaging and participating in shopping lottery activities.

Lafayette and Printemps are the famous department stores in Paris. These two stores are adjacent to each other. 

They are both located near the Opera House of Cannier. One can quickly kill another one if you haven't enjoyed it, which will certainly satisfy your shopping desire. 

In addition, BVH next to the Paris municipal government is also a large comprehensive department store. If you pass by, you might as well go in and have a look.

How to get there:

To Lafayette and the spring department store, you can take the Metro Line 7 and 9 to Chaussee d'Antin La Fayette station.

To BVH, you can take Metro Line 1 or Line 11, and get off at Hotel de Ville station. From the exit of the BVH department store, there is a passage to the underground floor of the shopping mall.

Choice2: [Brand store]

Although the goods in the department store are complete, if you only visit the department store, you will inevitably miss some lost beads. 

For example, several cosmetics brands famous for their pure natural ingredients in France, most of them do not set up counters in department stores but set up their own independent chain stores, such as Yves Rocher and L'OCCITANE.

If you buy cosmetics in a brand store, you'd better apply for a membership card of the relevant brand, and you can enjoy more benefits. For example, Yves Rocher adopts the membership point system. 

As long as you apply for a membership point card when you buy a product, you can register your consumption points. When the points reach a certain amount, you can get gifts and enjoy other benefits.

During the new year and the sale period, many activities will be launched by various brand stores. Among them, Yves Rocher's sale is very real. It is one of the few brands that discount all its cosmetics. 

The discount can reach 50% and it is the most cost-effective purchase during this period. L'OCCITANE's stores will offer some limited special offers and gift boxes. 

Although the types of special products are limited, the prices are quite attractive. It is worth mentioning that its gift box is exquisite and generous, which is a good gift for relatives and friends.

How to get there:

The brand stores are widely distributed, you can find the address on the official website in advance or you can "encounter" when shopping. 

Stores like Yves Rocher are located in the main business district of the city center and are very easy to find. 

L'OCCITANE has a special store on Le St Louis and Rue de Rivoli Street, where the BVH department store is next to the city hall. 

The former is especially recommended. The salesmen have a very good attitude and send samples generously.

Choice3: [Pharmacy]

Many girls with acne choose to use make-up, so pharmacies have become they must go to places in Paris.

Some cosmetics brands which are mild in nature and specialize in skin care take the route of pharmacy, including Vichy, La Roche-Posay, Avene, Uriage, and Neutrogena. 

In addition, some basic cleaning products and maintenance products of Biotherm can also be purchased in pharmacies.

Generally, the prices of these brands are not expensive. Compared with the counter on the mainland, they have great price advantages, and they are even cheaper than buying them in Hong Kong.

In particular, we should mention a special pharmacy cosmetics chain store para shop. 

This shop doesn't sell medicine, it only sells cosmetics. Moreover, it is very cost-effective to implement par prices for some commodities from time to time.

How to get there:

Pharmacies are everywhere in France and are very easy to find. Makeup is available in every pharmacy. 

In particular, a pharmacy in Les Halles, the largest underground shopping mall in downtown Paris, is recommended. Its price is cheaper than other pharmacies.

The para shop is mainly distributed in commercial centers and large shopping malls, but there are few branches. There is a para shop on Rue de Rivoli Street near the BHV department store.

Choice4: [Beauty shop]

The last thing to introduce is the beauty shop. If you don't stay in Paris for a long time, if you want to buy brand-name cosmetics in the pot in a short time, the easiest and direct way is to go to the beauty store.


Here are some famous chain stores:


Marionnaud is a famous old cosmetics chain. Its storefront is not as spacious as Sephora, and the variety of goods is not complete. 

However, it is the most convenient shopping choice because it has many branches and can be seen everywhere in the streets and alleys of France.

At present, Marionnaud has become a member of Watson's, which makes this old cosmetic chain store full of new life. Both the style of the store and the types of products have been improved to some extent. 

There are also many Chinese signs in the shop, which are convenient for tourists from China to buy goods.

Tourists shopping in Marionnaud can apply for a tax refund on the spot as long as they spend a certain amount. For this specific situation may consult the shop assistant.


Sephora is the world's largest cosmetics store with the largest number of branches. 

It belongs to the LVMH group, the world's largest luxury goods group. Sephora is the group's most profitable brand store in addition to Lv. The interior decoration is mainly black and white, and the overall style is elegant and atmospheric. 

Perfume is a special commodity of SEPHORA. There are many varieties, and the speed of boarding is fast. 

Customers can try it at will and choose their own perfume. Sephora store also has a variety of skincare products, color make-up, body care, make-up tools, etc. 

Recommended purchase:

  1. Try to choose French cosmetics brands, such as Lancome, HR, Clarins, etc. In addition, there are some famous French cosmetics brands, such as BOURJOIS. 
  2. Due to the large scale of Sephora, beauty brands often launch some limited suits here. The most common are perfume suits, skincare products, and make-up packages which will be released on a regular basis. For example, HR's eye products set includes mascara, a bottle of eye cream, and a bottle of eye makeup remover (15ml), only 19 euros, or 190 yuan, which is very affordable.
  3. Among Sephora's own-brand products, the bath series and body milk products are most recommended. They are beautifully packaged and have a wide range of varieties. During the price reduction period, the discount is relatively large. In addition, Sephora's own brand make-up tools can also be purchased, with good quality and appearance. 

How to get there:

Sephora stores are located in the main commercial centers such as Champs Elysees, Chatelet, La Defense, and other major shopping malls.


1. In Sephora on the Champs Elysees (subway line 1, under George V station), all the shop assistants can speak fluent English, so it is convenient to communicate.

2. when buying products, you can first ask your receptionist for the cosmetics samples you bought for your brand. Finally, when you pay the bill, ask the cashier for a variety of perfume samples to ensure a good harvest.


Makeup, Perfume, and Fashion

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