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What Is The Best Natural Skin Care Products In The World?

What Is The Best Natural Skin Care Products In The World? They are Soothing Seaweed Mask, Guerlain Orchid Essence, Givenchy Lotion and many more...
Today we will talk about What Is The Best Natural Skin Care Products In The World? Recently, the Boston Consulting Group of the United States ("BCG") released the "Natural Product Growth Report". The report shows that the sales of natural products have grown faster than traditional products in the past 5 years, and it is expected that the growth rate will continue to surpass the traditional in the future product. In addition, by 2024, natural products will become one of the five fastest-growing potential areas.
The natural products referred to here are not the same as pure natural products in the traditional sense, especially the natural concept emphasized in the cosmetics industry. Generally, the raw materials of the products come from nature, no or very few petrochemical synthetic materials are added, and the naturalness is 75%. % Or more of the product.
This report pointed out that from 2018 to 2019, although natural products accounted for only 7% of the total sales of the FMCG industry, they contributed more than half of the sales growth. This is in line with the fact that the average annual sales volume of FMCG products fell by 0.8%. sharp contrast.
Moreover, from 2015 to 2019, the scale of natural products increased by 25% from 51 billion U.S. dollars (about 349.8 billion yuan) to 64 billion U.S. dollars (about 439 billion yuan). BCG emphasized that this revenue growth mainly comes from sales growth, rather than changes in prices and product mix, which also shows the strong and sustainable momentum of this category.
In addition, BCG predicts that by 2024 the revenue of natural products will increase by more than 15 billion U.S. dollars (approximately RMB 102.9 billion). This is mainly due to the increasing consumer demand for natural products and the increasing demand from major brands. Expansion of the supply chain of natural products.
At the same time, the current consumer demand for natural products is no longer limited to the food and beverage sector, and the natural cosmetics market continues to expand.

Best Organic and Natural Skin Care Products of 2023

In recent years, the sales of natural cosmetics have been increasing sharply, and many cosmetic brands focusing on the concept of natural skincare have attracted consumers' attention. According to the report "Natural Cosmetics Market: 2013~2017 Global Industry Analysis and 2018-2027 Opportunity Evaluation" published by the global market research agency Future Market Insights, the global natural cosmetics market will reach 36 billion U.S. dollars in 2019 (approximately RMB 243.878 billion yuan).

With the rise of the "healthy beauty" trend and the "raw material party", consumers are paying more and more attention to the formulas and ingredients of cosmetic products themselves. Under the recognition that "chemically synthesized materials are highly related to side effects such as sensitivity", they begin to have more preference for products with natural ingredients.
The main natural cosmetics brands are emerging one after another, which greatly increases the choice of products in this category. According to the above report, between 2015 and 2019, there were nearly 3,600 brands with the main concept of natural products on the market, including skincare, body care, hair care, as well as food, baby products, and so on. In addition, some traditional Kitoda brands have begun to launch natural products and seek brand growth through this new category.
For manufacturers, to seize the vent of natural products, research on core ingredients and technologies is a key part. In addition, in addition to developing new products with natural concepts based on existing categories, exploring new categories is also one of the breakthrough points.

As people pay more attention to potential safety hazards in recent years, more and more people have set their sights on the skin care product market. Traditional skincare products are mostly composed of chemical raw materials. Although they have good maintenance effects, they are more irritating. Even some skincare products add a large number of hormones and lead and mercury in order to pursue the effect, causing skin dependence and side effects. 

As the leading position of future skincare trends, pure natural skincare products are favored by consumers because their formulas are derived from nature and have no toxic side effects and dependence on the skin. As in previous years, after conducting an in-depth evaluation and word-of-mouth survey on the popular natural skin care products this season, I will now announce the latest list of pure natural plant skincare products :

Now everyone is paying more and more attention to skincare and health preservation, and anti-aging is also more concerned. Today we will introduce you to the best natural skin care products in the world. They are mild and non-irritating and can be used during both pregnancy and breastfeeding periods. The skincare effect is really good. Every woman should spare one.

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Best Affordable Natural Skin Care Products In The World

1. Soothing Seaweed Mask 


A super cost-effective face mask, you want to be cheap but also effective, this one is absolutely right! 
It's really easy to use. I tried many brands before and finally chose this one. It has very fine particles and has a lot of gum. The moisturizing effect is really good, and it's particularly refreshing, and it won't be sticky. 

It feels that the face is full of moisture after application, and the skin is becoming more and more elastic. Long-term application, no wrinkles are seen as a pure natural mask, highly recommended, no matter how many expensive masks you have, you must have a bottle of a seaweed mask. The effect of the mask is different from the usual mask. Must try.

2. Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream


High concentrations of rose oil, tocopherols, and vitamin C derivatives can brighten the eye area. The tea polyphenols in tea extracts can also have a very effective antioxidant effect. Together with other plant antioxidants, it can fight fake Fine lines that are still okay. And coffee bean extract can dilute dark circles well.

3. Guerlain Orchid Essence


An easy-to-use essence from Guerlain of France, the unique craftsmanship and production technology retains the essence of the product. It can not only refine the pores but also is a good single product for fighting skin aging.

4. Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream


A classic lotion with both effective skincare and beauty functions can smooth facial skin and eliminate fatigue. Two light textures that are easily absorbed, promote the rapid penetration of key ingredients into the skin: promote cell regeneration at night, help smooth the skin, and make the face glowing. 

Detoxify and soothe the skin. Rebuild skin energy reserves, replenish moisture and nutrients, inhibit free radicals, and prevent fine lines.

5. Dream makeup peony fresh skin firming cream


Mamonde Rose Water Gel Cream contains squalane, which nourishes the skin and tightens pores. At the same time, it effectively forms a protective film on the skin surface to make the skin delicate and smooth, showing elasticity and firmness. 

It is rich in peach bud extract, salicylic acid, and peony firming essence Pore-LiftingTM, which forms pore support, cleans sebum and exfoliates, and imparts elasticity, solves the three major problems of pores, restores pore firmness and skin elasticity.

6. Givenchy Lotion 


The texture of the water is relatively thick, but it is not sticky. It is very moisturizing and moisturizing. It is especially suitable for this season. Sometimes I will forget the dry feeling of this season when I apply it. I go to sleep without applying night cream. 

Well, it shows its excellent moisturizing ability. Water with a lot of nutrients is called a softening lotion, but the feeling of softening the cutin does not seem to be obvious. The big-name toner does not feel bad when used, but how much it can help to whiten Actually it's really hard.

7. Avène Soothing Living Spring Water


This toner contains a lot of minerals for sensitive skin. The innovative polymeric silicon and colloidal molecular sphere technology can effectively clean the skin without destroying the natural protective barrier. 

It can effectively cleanse the skin while soothing sensitive skin and eliminate redness and swelling. Allergic symptoms, fresh texture without sticky feeling, very suitable for summer use.

8. Daily advanced ultra-hydrating lotion


Without adding any ingredients that can cause damage to the skin, it can provide a better protective barrier to the skin and relieve the dryness and discomfort of the skin. 

I think it is just right to use in autumn. It can effectively protect the skin from drying out and is not sticky. It is generally recommended. Sensitive skin is very comfortable and not allergic. I also like it.

9. Herbacin Kamille Hand Cream


The image of German little chamomile hand cream in the hearts of the German people is a bit similar to that of Germany's big treasure. The texture of He Benqing little chamomile hand cream is relatively thin, but the moisturizing degree is enough for oily skin. The paste has no fluidity and is easier to push away.

10. Kiehl's Calendula Herbal Extract Alcohol-free Toner


A very relaxing toner, it absorbs quickly and is not greasy. Dengzhanhua also has a soothing effect on the skin, so it has a good effect on acne-prone skin and oily skin.

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