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20 Best Watch Brands for Women

20 Best Watch Brands for Women. List of Branded Watches for Ladies, Top 20 Brand for Women's Watches
Top 20 best women's watch brands on the market today 

Watches are not only important for men, but also for women. The watches in the list of women's watch brands can show the owner's identity and temperament. 

In the list of women's watch brands, Longines' watch women's belts are elegant and gentle, and Patek Philippe's watches are more luxurious and valuable.

Clothing can reflect a person's taste, and many small embellishments are the icing on the cake. Watches are one of them. 

Many watches on the market are suitable for men to wear, so how should women choose a suitable watch brand? 

In the following list, we will announce the top 20 women's watch brands for you.


List of Branded Watches for Ladies in the World

Relying on global big data and user word of mouth, we have selected a list of women's watch brands and the top 20 women's watches based on brand evaluation and sales.

Top 20 Brands for Women's Watches

1. The precipitation of Omega years


Omega (Omega) is a brand in the internationally famous women's watch brand list, the English name omega, represents the symbol. Omega (W) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of Greek. It symbolizes the beginning and the end of things, the first and the last. 

Representing the extraordinary quality of perfection, extremeness, excellence, and achievement, it interprets Omega's business philosophy of pursuing excellent quality and advocating tradition, and it also ranks among the top 10 men's watches.

2. Longines romantic elegance


Longines was founded by Ernest Franklin in St. Mir, Switzerland. Its origins can be traced back to the 1830s, with a long history and exquisite craftsmanship of more than 175 years. Longines, marked by the winged hourglass, is known for its elegance in the ladies' watch brand list, and it also has a distinguished tradition and excellent experience in the field of sports timing. 

As a luxury watch under the Swatch Group, the world's leading watch manufacturer, Longines has performed in more than 130 countries around the world.

3. Jaeger-LeCoultre superb movement


Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the top ten manufacturers of Swiss watch brands and one of the top ten famous watches in the world. Since its establishment in the Swiss Jura Valley in 1833, it has become a pivotal lady in the history of watchmaking. 

A member of the watch brand list. As a pioneer in the top watchmaking industry, Jaeger-LeCoultre not only combines precise timing technology with superb artistic talent but also makes outstanding contributions to the development of the entire watchmaking industry.

4. Patek Philippe luxury


Patek Philippe is a famous Swiss watch brand that started in 1839. For more than 100 years, Patek Philippe has always believed in the philosophy of high-quality products and adhered to the production principle of focusing on quality and not weight and craftsmanship. 

There is only one theme, that is, the pursuit of perfection. It pursues limited production, with an annual output of only 50,000. For more than a century and a half, Patek Philippe produced a very limited number of watches, and they were only sold in the world's top boutiques.

5. IWC Excellent Design


Founded in 1868, IWC ranks eleventh in the world, second only to Rolex. Its watch factory is located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. IWC has devoted itself to the development of watch technology. It's design and technology have been leading in the same industry, creating timeless and classic works. 

IWC's extraordinary technology and exquisite craftsmanship are not only a symbol of Schaffhausen's excellent and pure watchmaking craftsmanship but also reflect IWC's consistent adherence to its purpose.

6. Breguet, the father of modern watchmaking


Founded in 1775, it has a history of 240 years. Since the 18th century, the Breguet brand has been dedicated to providing works and services for members of the royal family and prominent figures in various fields. Breguet has the title of the watch king in the industry and also has the reputation of the father of modern watchmaking. 

Because Breguet has invented more than 70% of the technology in the industry, its three most representative inventions of the three complex functions are the tourbillon, the perpetual calendar, and the minute repeater gong.

7. Cartier high society pets


In the mid-19th century, the Cartier family was already a well-known French jewelry manufacturer of gold and silver jewelry. Louis Cartier was a goldsmith who was appreciated by the royal family at that time. 

With the advantages of the internationally famous brand group, Cartier produces and sells high-end jewelry, especially women's handbags, which are favored by nobles and rich people.

8. Audemars Piguet adheres to a century-old tradition


Audemars Piguet inherits and promotes the essence of traditional Swiss watchmaking, and always adheres to the brand concept of mastering the routine and creating innovation. 

Each piece of Audemars Piguet concentrates the brand's century-old exquisite skills in it. The flow of time is specific and subtle in the hands of Audemars Piguet, and it is outstanding.

9. The overlord in the field of Rolex watches


Rolex is a classic brand in the Swiss watch industry. The original logo of Rolex is a palm with five fingers outstretched, which means that the brand's watches are entirely handcrafted, and later it gradually evolved into a registered trademark of the crown to show its dominance in the field of watches. , showing the imperial spirit of Rolex in the watchmaking industry.

10. Daniel Wellington Women's Watch Brand


Daniel Wellington is a watch brand from Sweden. It provides consumers with personalized accessories choices based on the Nordic minimalist design concept.

The DANIEL WELLINGTON brand was born from a chance encounter that spanned half the world: during a trip, the founder of the brand, Filip Tysander, met a charming British gentleman. His dressing style is low-key and simple, and he likes to wear an antique watch with a mottled strap. nylon strap. This charming gentleman's name is DANIEL WELLINGTON. 

Inspired by the classic style of this new friend, Filip decided to create his own wristband brand. It is famous for its fashionable and simple watches and accessories. Its design is simple and elegant, classic and timeless, and suitable for various occasions. It is deeply loved by consumers and makes the brand unique in the industry.

11. Armani Women's Watch Brand


Giorgio Armani, born in 1934, is an Italian fashion designer and founder of the luxury brand Armani. Born in Piacenza, Italy, studied medicine and photography, worked as a menswear designer in Cerruti, and founded Giorgio Armani in 1975.

The Giorgio Armani SPA group's product categories include men's and women's clothing, accessories, watches, eyewear, jewelry, fragrances and cosmetics, household goods, restaurants, restaurants, and more.

He has won the Naimen-Marcos Award, the American International Designers Association, and other awards, and has won more than 30 global clothing awards in 14 years. In December 2018, the World Brand Lab released the "2018 Top 500 World Brands" list, and Giorgio Armani ranked 367th. [2] On April 7, 2020, Giorgio Armani ranked 304th in the "2020 Forbes Global Billionaires List" with a fortune of $5.4 billion.

12. TISSOT ladies watch brands 


Tissot was founded in Le Locle, a small town in the Swiss Jura mountains, where its headquarters are still located today. "Made in Switzerland" is an indelible mark in Tissot's heart. The "+" in Tissot's logo is the same as the Swiss flag, which is a symbol of quality and shows the reliable quality that the brand has inherited since 1853. Tissot is an innovative brand, but it has never forgotten its Swiss blood.

Tissot's high performance and high quality have long been recognized by many parties, it has served as the World Motorcycle Championship MotoGPTM, FIM World Superbike, FIBA ​​FIBA, Australian Rugby Federation AFL, RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship and Cycling, Fencing and Ice Hockey World Championships The official designated timekeeper and partner of. 

In 1999, Tissot's first touch-screen watch, T-touch, was born, ushering in a new era of touch-screen technology in the traditional watch industry. In 2014, T-touch Export Solar, the first touch-screen watch using solar energy, was born. As an expert sports watch covering a full range of sports functions, you only need to touch the crown to turn on the touch-screen functions, including dual alarms and dual time zones. , altimeter, compass, and weather forecast, including 20 functions, instantly meet the full-angle demands of outdoor sports. 

Tissot is a member of the Swatch Group, the world's largest watch manufacturer and distributor, with sales outlets in more than 160 countries around the world. The brand will continue to launch innovative products with a pioneering spirit, and continue to write its brand concept as always - "innovation comes from tradition".

13. Calvin Klein Ladies Watch Brand


Calvin Klein is a global fashion brand that embodies a bold and enterprising philosophy, with an aesthetic of sensuality and familiar minimalism. "Ignite" consumers' passion with sexy images and stunning designs.

For 50 years, Calvin Klein has faced the pressure of competition, innovated, created unexpected design myths, and continued to catalyze cultural development. We believe in a culture that inspires exploration and bold thinking. We are committed to impacting the world with positive energy. We guide the masses and ignite passion. We abide by sincerity and advocate individuality.

Founded in 1986 by Calvin Klein and business partner Barry Schwartz, the brand has become a leader in the international fashion industry with its crisp aesthetic and innovative design. In 2015, Calvin Klein's global retail sales exceeded 8 billion US dollars, covering (more than) 110 countries around the world. Calvin Klein employs more than 10,000 people worldwide. In 2003, the company was acquired by PVH Corp, one of the world's largest apparel companies.

14. LOLA ROSE Ladies Watch Brand


Lola Rose is a British jewelry brand founded in London in 2000 by British jewelry designer Nikki Gewirtz.

In terms of product design, Nikki breaks through the traditional design concept and integrates natural colorful gemstone elements into the watch design.

Under the concept of the brand "Colorful your life every day", Lola Rose achieves the goal of "letting every girl have her own gem".

15. RUNOSD Women's Watch Brands


RUNOSD Snowville is a model of luxury watch brands. Snow Weiden combines modern decorative experience with traditional classic experience and takes the people-oriented spirit as the design guiding ideology. The products are symbols of taste, status, and wealth. 

The addition of idealistic elements makes the product full of flavor. The design method that closely follows the latest international jewelry trends and the fashion background of the brand's performance, the strong temporal and spatial differences make the products present a more attractive fashion sense.

Snow Vuitton was born in Switzerland, which has a superb watchmaking history. It is designed and developed by the professional designers of the world's oldest watch factory and one of the world's most famous watch factories, the Swiss giant Watch Industry (Hong Kong) International Group Co., Ltd., specializing in production. Sales.

16. RADO Ladies Watch Brand


RADO was founded in 1917. Since it developed and launched the world's first non-wearable watch, it has sprung up, with an annual output of 500,000. The mission given by RADO is full of pioneering spirit and originality. 

RADO takes the lead in using unique materials, such as hard metal, high-tech ceramics, and sapphire crystal, to produce the world's hardest watchmaking materials with exquisite advanced technology, and adds beautiful design, making RADO has become a successful example of not-easy wear and tear.

17. Swatch Women's Watch Brands 


SWATCH Swatch watches have always conveyed the message of high quality, low cost, fashion, and commemoration so that every consumer can have their own famous watch. The meaning represented by SWATCH is a precious souvenir, a memory of every piece of history, and even emotional sustenance. 

SWATCH Swatch has created the myth of a world-class brand and becomes a symbol in the hearts of consumers while continuing the glory of the Swiss watchmaking industry for a century.

SWATCH's metal collection has a sporty, healthy, handsome, traditional style, it is dynamic and combines innovation, new materials, and surprising designs.

18. CARNIVAL ladies watch brands 


The target consumer groups of the CARNIVAL watch brand are mainly targeted at young people and fashionable people, aiming at the characteristics of busy work, study, and fast-paced life of these groups, as well as their interest in fashion, youth, freedom, and leisure. 

The pursuit of work and life attitude. In order to resonate with consumers, Carnival hopes that people will seize precious time and cherish every minute and second of life attitude, create a fashionable, casual, and classic watch image, and carry out a new interpretation of the brand culture.

Carnival (CARNIVAL) brand to increase research and development efforts to create a unique brand style, integrate of culture into products, and constantly improve product quality. 

All the spare parts of CARNIVAL are provided by professional manufacturers who serve the world's major brand manufacturers all year round. , the achievement of Carnival's distinctive brand style and high-cost performance.

19. Casio Women's Watch Brand 


Casio was established in 1946, and the brand image of vitality, youth, fashion, and multi-functionality represented by Casio has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Casio has always been ahead of its peers in terms of technology, and there will be breakthroughs in technology over the years.

Combining high, sophisticated, and cutting-edge technology with new liquid crystal technology, it is properly applied to wrist timepieces to continuously improve the development level of wristwatches. be inherited and spread.

20. Chanel Ladies Watch 


Chanel focuses on top luxury goods, and its products, whether it is perfume or clothing, have an excellent reputation in the world. Chanel's first wristwatch was launched in 1987, combining high-tech technology with traditional Swiss technology.

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