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Top Best Trendy Sterling Silver Jewelry for Elegant Ladies

Top Best Trendy Sterling Silver Jewelry for Elegant Ladies, What kind of silver should I buy?, sterling silver ornaments.
The following small article introduces the world's Top Best Trendy Sterling Silver Jewelry for Elegant Ladies.

Silver, gold, palladium, and platinum are precious metals. These are rare metals. Silver has been used since 3000 B.C., and its use value is very high. Silver is the Top Best Trendy Sterling Silver Jewelry because of its flexibility and beautiful color.

When most people think of silver, they think of Top Best Trendy Sterling Silver Jewelry. Jewelry, however, is not the only use known for silver. 

In fact, silver has been used in many medical and technical fields due to its antibacterial and excellent electrical conductivity.

Fashionable & top best trendy sterling silver ornaments are full of fantastic ideas. They can reflect a kind of rebellion, a style, and a spirit. It has a mysterious tension. 

Wearing it, you will immediately have a different temperament: refined, uninhibited, indifferent, disdainful, and intriguing. 

More importantly, the multiple personalities of pure sterling silver jewelry will give you a different style. 

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Top Best Trendy Sterling Silver Jewelry for Elegant Ladies.

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1. Best Sterling Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets have got to be at the top of the list because they’re the most popular pieces of jewelry when it comes to this material. Silver gives bracelets an unmatched polish that no other material can achieve.

In the last year, bracelets have come back in fashion, and this is your time to rock different designs every chance you get. The main advantage of silver bracelets is that there are a plethora of designs to choose from.

You can choose thick or thin bracelets according to what you wear and your overall preference. There are also double-layer bracelets to make your style more expressive.

Here are amazing sterling silver bracelet options for a smart look:

2. Best Sterling Silver Ear Cuffs

Ear cuffs save you from having several holes in your ears. We all know the pain that comes with ear piercings, especially in areas with cartilage.

Women want to be beautiful without feeling pain, and ear cuffs are one of such solution. They come in very intricate designs that allow you to express your femininity.

If you’re looking for a desirable change in your sense of style, you should purchase ear cuffs. They go well with women of all ages as long as they like to wear a variety of earrings.

Here are amazing sterling silver ear cuffs options for a smart look:

3. Best Sterling Silver Wedding Ring

Many times when people talk about wedding rings, what comes to mind is diamonds. However, this is not the only material you can opt for. Even though diamonds are forever, thousands of people choose silver over them.

If you own a jewelry store, you should definitely shop wholesale 925 sterling silver jewelry because it’s a guaranteed trend in 2020. The beauty of sterling silver is that it’s affordable. Not all couples have the money to be extravagant with big diamond rings. After all, all that matters is the thought, not how much you spent.

Here are amazing sterling silver wedding ring options for a smart look:

4. Best Dainty Silver Necklaces

Well, well, well, look what we’ve got here. Are dainty silver necklaces the most minimalist pieces of jewelry you’ve ever seen? These pieces accentuate your look even without you knowing it. They go well with everything because they’re not loud.

These will be among the trendiest silver jewelry in 2020 because anyone can wear them. Even as a conservative, you’ll find these pieces appealing.

Here are amazing dainty sterling silver necklaces options for a smart look:

5. Best Swarovski Crystals

These pieces of jewelry are a combination of sterling silver and crystals. They have an icy, sparkly appearance that’s quite appealing. They look magical, and every woman should own a couple.

The combination of crystals and shiny sterling silver is bound to take your appearance to the next level. Many women love shiny because it makes them sparkle.

Here are amazing Swarovski crystals options for a smart look:

6. Best Chokers

Let me start by saying that chokers are not for everyone. Some people cannot wear jewelry too close to their necks. However, silver chokers are the bomb.

Aren’t you reminded of the 90s when plastic tattoo chokers were the in thing? Well, now, you get to purchase a durable and long-lasting choker that won’t wear out after a few months.

Here are amazing Chokers options for a smart look:

7. Best Sterling Hoop Earrings

Experts have made it clear that ring earrings will become a popular trend in 2020. Sterling hoop earrings are perfect for any occasion, as they can be easily paired with every piece of clothing you choose.

These gigantic earrings look amazing on women because they bring one’s face to focus. If you want to flaunt your jewelry, you better go big with hoop earrings.

Even though they don’t come in many designs, they go well with almost everything. Besides, you can purchase the ones with curly sides if you want to be more expressive.

Here are amazing Sterling Hoop Earrings options for a smart look:

8. Best Sterling Silver Locket

Do you have a friendship locket? If not, then what are you waiting for. This is an amazing way to show appreciation for the friendships you have. You can buy a locket for just about anyone in your life. It could be your spouse, your child, your family, or a friend.

Lockets never get out of style because they hold sentimental value.

Here are amazing sterling silver locket options for a smart look:

9. Best Stacked Bracelets

Lastly, we have stacked bracelets, which is a classic that never gets old. It is one of the most prominent trends in 2020, even though designs have undergone significant changes over the years.

To achieve a distinct style, stacked bracelets are your go-to pieces of jewelry. The gentle chiming will soothe your heart on days when you have it rough.

The beauty of stacked bracelets is that they can be mixed and matched with other bracelet designs. You should add this to your bracelet collection because they’ll come in handy when you want to achieve a unique look.

Something as simple as a bracelet can significantly impact your appearance. Depending on the type of dress you’re wearing, you can throw on a stacked necklace to achieve a different look.

You can even go as far as engraving inscriptions on your pieces to make them personalized. Sterling silver will give you that shine that your outfit was missing.

Here are amazing Stacked Bracelets options for a smart look:

What Kind of Silver Should I Buy?

There are many varieties of silver on the market. Among them, pure silver and silver plating is the most commonly used and used.

Sterling Silver

925 pure silver is an alloy consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals (usually copper or nickel). These metals give silver strength, durability, and extra luster. This composition enriches the variety of silver, which is the standard of quality jewelry. This is an established silver standard that dates back to about 1300. The sterling silver standard is popular in Tiffany and CO in the United States because they use it as jewelry.

But you may want to know: 

How Do I Know if I Can Identify Pure Silver?

Genuine sterling silver should have a mark to mark it. There are many versions of the Sterling Silver Logo. You may see 925 printed on silver, pure silver, 925, or sterling silver.

If you are worried about the durability of pure silver, please take it easy. This is a durable hard metal. If there is any surface scratch or damage, the silver can be easily polished back to its smooth luster. On top of that, the price of adjustments and repairs is very reasonable, so it's easy to maintain sterling silver jewelry.

Silver-plated jewelry

If you are familiar with gold plating, you will find that silver plating is the same thing. It is essentially a thin layer of silver coated on another base metal, usually copper. As you can imagine, silver-plated silver is much less than pure silver and pure silver. It has no other form of value, and over time, the coating will fade and peel off.

If the jewelry does not have any marked areas, even precious silver may not be stamped. When I first learned about the logo, I checked all my silver and was glad to see the tiny 925 marks. Here are a necklace and pendant made of pure silver. Both the pendant and the chain carry the 925 logos.

Do you see where they are?

Is Pure Silver Valuable?

Pure silver is much cheaper than gold, palladium, and platinum, its precious metals. This is because more silver is mined than other precious metals.

In any case, it is one of the most beautiful metals with extraordinary color and luster. Since pure silver accounts for only a fraction of the cost of gold or platinum, it is ideal for every budget and jewelry enthusiast.

Why Does Silver Change Color

If you have ever owned any sterling silver jewelry, you will know that over time, it will lose its luster and turn black.

As mentioned above, high-quality silver does not discolor easily. It's very resistant to discoloration and retains its color.

However, silver jewelry that is exposed to air and moisture changes color over time. The reason behind this is that other metals in the alloy (usually copper) react with moisture and sulfur in the air. They chemically bond to silver and cause discoloration. If your silver is exposed to chemicals such as cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, sprays, and cleaners, it may lose its luster more quickly.

Prevent Silver From Discoloration

Regardless of the quality or price, all sterling silver will change color over time, regardless of quality or price. Although you can't stop it, you can definitely slow down the process.

Storage: one of the main ways to store your silver jewelry is to keep it out of the air. You can store the silver in a sealed bag. A good idea is to add rust strips to the bag. This prevents discoloration. 

You can also, store silver in an air-restricted jewelry box or use other low-humidity storage methods. To prevent moisture in the air, use silica gel or chalk to absorb the air.

Chemical substances and exposure: after wearing jewelry, be sure to clean it before storing it. Oil and other elements accumulate on the surface of silver and accelerate discoloration. 

A good idea is to remove all silver jewelry before touching the water, such as swimming and showering. Keep away from household chemicals, body fluids, or any sulfur-containing items such as latex, wool, and onions. Do not contact them with cosmetics, lotions, or cosmetics. Be sure to add your silver jewelry at the end.

Maintenance of Silver Jewelry 

  • When wearing silver jewelry, do not wear precious metal jewelry at the same time, so as to avoid collision deformation or abrasion.
  • Avoid water vapor and chemicals, avoid wearing baths, and pay attention to sweat.
  • Or put it in a sweat bag after wearing it or keep it in a sweatbox after bathing.

It Has Lost its Luster, What Should I Do Now?

For tarnished silver, the best way to remove the ugly black coating is to polish silver jewelry.

There are several different polishing methods:

  • 1. Use silver jewelry cleaner. Apply a small amount to the soft cloth and wipe it gently several times. Then, wash the silver with warm water and rinse off the cleaner.
  • 2. Use silver polishing cloth. When polishing silver with a cloth, avoid laps as this will aggravate scratches. Instead, rub the silver back and forth.
  • 3. Take the silver to the jeweler for professional cleaning.
  • 4. A safer option is to wash your own silver at home. This is one way to do this: to do this, add baking soda and salt to an aluminum foil bowl, and pour it into boiling water. Add some white vinegar. Soak the silver for a few minutes. After removing the rust, remove the jewelry and wipe it. It's a quick, affordable, and very simple way to restore the luster of silver.

What to Pay Attention to When Buying Silver Jewelry

If you want to see whether there is a steel seal on the inconspicuous part of the silver jewelry (such as the inside of the ring, the connection of the necklace, the bottom of the pendant, etc.):

Silver jewelry has the following steel seals

  • 1. Pure silver: marked with "S925" or "ag925" (more than the former), indicating that the metal contains 92.5% silver. This is the most common symbol, the most common jewelry silver on the market, and also the general silver seller (don't think about it!)
  • 2. Pure silver: marked with "S990" or "au990" (a little more of the latter), indicating that the silver content of this metal is 99% (quite pure!). This kind of sign is mostly used in silver ingots, silver ingots, silver ornaments, and other large silver ornaments.
  • 3. Silver coated, silver plated: with "SL" or "Fs" steel seal, it shows that this kind of jewelry is silver plated, its value does not need to say!
  • 4. Without a steel seal: it is very likely to be ordinary metal.

(1) Check the hardness

The higher the quality of silver jewelry, the softer the texture, and the cleaner the surface. Take about 60g silver bracelet as an example, if you open it with your hand without elasticity, its color is about 95%; if it has a little elasticity, its color is about 80% - 90%; if it has large elasticity, it is less than 70%.

(2) Look at the stubble

Cut or fold the silver ornaments to see the color of the stubble. For example, if the ornaments are soft, the stubble is thick and soft, slightly reddish, and the color is about 95%; if the hand is bent hard, the stubble is white and gray, or slightly reddish, the color is about 90%; if the hardness is large, the stubble is light red, yellow-white, or gray, and the color is about 80%; if it is hard, the stubble is reddish, yellowish, and yellowish, and the color is about 70%; for example, the stubble lipstick is black or yellow with black, the color is below 60%.

(3) Silver medicine wipe test

Grind the silver ornaments on the touchstone to make a silver channel (the same as the test gold), and apply silver medicine (silver medicine is to mixing silver powder and mercury into a soft shape) on the silver channel. If there are more silver medicines, the quality will be higher; if there are few silver medicines, the quality will be low; if there is no silver medicine, it will be fake.

(4) Color discrimination

Use your eyesight to identify the color and authenticity. Those with a high quality look white, delicate, and glossy, and are printed with the manufacturer and shop number on the jewelry; those with low quality are yellowish in color and rough in workmanship; fake silver jewelry is dark in color and not smooth.

(5) Bending method

Hold the bending with your fingers, the high-quality ones are soft and flexible, easy to bend and not easy to break; the ones with inferior quality are harder or forced to move, and some even can't be bent with fingers; the silver-coated ones ones ones will crack after bending or hammering a few times; the fake ones can't stand bending and are easy to break.

(6) Throwing method

The silver ornaments with high quality are heavy, and they can't jump high on the table board with a sound of "popping"; the fake or low-quality silver ornaments are light, and they bounce very high on the table, making a relatively clear sound.

(7) Nitric acid identification

When nitric acid is dropped on the file of silver jewelry with a glass rod, the color with high quality is Brown Beige, dark green, or light green and the low color is dark green or even black.

In addition, the quality of silver jewelry should be selected from the following four aspects:

  • (1) Look at the welding. Some silver ornaments are made by welding, so we should see whether the welding is clean and neat and whether there is false welding or open welding phenomenon.
  • (2) Look at the brightness. Pure plating color and strong brightness are required.
  • (3) Look at the veneer. They should be firm and upright.
  • (4) Look at the hook. To see whether the hook claw has a burr, whether to tie hands, scrape clothes, and whether it is convenient to wear.

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