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Will physical fitness keep getting healthier?

Will physical fitness keep getting healthier? Regular fitness can not only improve the body's resistance and reduce disease, Scientific fitness

Will physical fitness keep getting healthier?

Will physical fitness keep getting healthier?

1. Regular fitness can not only improve the body's resistance and reduce disease but also bring many benefits.

1.1.  Have a healthy heart

Regular exercise provides a positive load for our cardiopulmonary system to evolve and improve our cardiopulmonary endurance (cardiopulmonary endurance: cardiopulmonary function, pulmonary function, the ability of blood to transport oxygen, and the ability of muscles to use oxygen). Reduce the risk of heart disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes.

1.2. Have strong muscles

Exercise regularly, especially strength training. Muscle training is not the patent of a bodybuilder. We all need strong muscles to run, climb stairs, and carry luggage. As you get older, your muscles weaken and your fat slowly increases. Strength training can slow down the process of muscle loss.

1.3. Increase joint flexibility and balance ability

Exercise its flexibility and balance ability, can expand the range of joint ligaments, improve the flexibility and coordination of the body, avoid possible accidents, and reduce damage.

Will physical fitness keep getting healthier?

2. Precautions for the novice fitness

2.1.  Choose the wrong way to exercise

From what channels do you get information to determine your exercise style? By observing other people exercising in the gym? Maybe he is exercising in the wrong way. Or through your friends, colleagues, the Internet, TV, newspapers, the latest research results, and your fitness coach? The content of your exercise directly determines the results you can get.

2.2.  Wrong exercise skills

Choosing the right way to exercise is crucial. The way is important, especially for physical exercise. The wrong way or technique can lead to injury, pain, and soreness. The best way to learn the right way to exercise is to find a professional personal coach at the beginning.

2.3. Unchangeable exercise mode

If you do the same thing every day, you will become very skilled. In exercise, this is called the principle of adaptation. It's great for sports and other kinds of performances, but it's not for the purpose of losing weight, improving physical strength, or building a healthy body.

Will physical fitness keep getting healthier?

3. Scientific fitness

3.1. Do as you can

When you're in a bad state, don't force yourself to keep working out. When you feel tired, it's the body telling you that you need rest and nutrition to repair muscle tissue and rebuild energy. If you force yourself to work out, you may break through the limit, but it is more likely to hurt your health. In addition, the choice of weight should also be done according to your ability, and do not blindly pursue a large weight.

3.2. More rest

At the same time as fitness, if you can't get enough rest, then you are destroying your body. This may lead to more fatigue after you exercise in the future. Therefore, you should sleep seven or eight hours on the night after fitness to ensure that your body muscles rest and recover.

3.3. Timely supplement food before and after fitness

Eat before and after exercise, because the body needs to replenish energy, to fill the calories, vitamins, and minerals lost in exercise. A small number of carbohydrates, such as a doughnut or a piece of toast can be eaten about an hour before a fitness to ensure that you accumulate sufficient energy in a short period of time; if your fitness is more than an hour, you can choose carbohydrate foods that digest for a longer time, such as a banana.

Will physical fitness keep getting healthier?

4. Supplement food before and after exercise. Eat after exercise, but do not eat randomly

4.1. Refuse to eat raw and cold vegetables after fitness

After fitness, untreated raw and cold vegetables should not be eaten. Carrots, celery, peppers, and broccoli may be healthy low-fat foods, but they are not suitable for eating after exercise because they are not enough to supplement energy to maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

4.2. Refuse to eat high-fat fast food after fitness

Chips, chips, hamburgers, hot dogs, and cornflakes may be able to fill hungry stomachs quickly but eating them after fitness is equivalent to letting the previous exercise effect go to waste. The fat in these foods is hard to digest, which is not what people hope to see after exercise. What they need to supplement after exercise is glycogen, rather than increasing the body's stored fat.

4.3. Refuse to eat salty snacks after fitness

Snacks that contain too much salt, such as chips or pretzels, will reduce the body's potassium content, resulting in slower recovery. Potassium, a mineral that plays an important role in cell activity, is more important than sodium in salt. Because of sweat, the body has a lot of electrolytes, so it is not appropriate to consume too much potassium because of eating too much salt.

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