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The Ultimate Affordable Homeschool Supplies List to Help You

The Ultimate Affordable Homeschool Supplies List to Help You, The most complete list of school supplies, missing quickly makeup

The most complete list of school supplies, missing quickly makeup 

Every year, one week before the beginning of the new semester, the teacher will remind parents to help their children to prepare school supplies or list each item for parents to prepare. 

To tell you the truth, there are quite a lot of things to prepare. Some children will miss one or two things. The following small make-up for school supplies, for students and parents to make the ultimate affordable homeschool supplies list to help You!

The Ultimate List of Homeschool Supplies: Primary level

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1. Various notebooks

New word book, Pinyin book, word book, single line, and double line version (specific quantity required by the teacher).

Rocketbook Fusion Smart Reusable Notebook

Product Description

The Rocketbook Fusion is designed for every classroom, office, and personal mission. The Fusion is a reusable pen and paper notebook with seven different page templates that connect to your favorite cloud services. 42 futuristic pages are packed with calendars, to-do lists, and notetaking layouts. And of course, the Fusion is made with patented reusable Core technology. The synthetic paper allows you to write smoothly with a Pilot FriXion pen, then magically wipe clean with a damp cloth to reuse again and again! Use the Rocketbook App to blast your notes, plans, lists, and big ideas to the cloud for proper organization. Then, erase and reuse your Fusion for your next adventure!

2. Prepare all kinds of book covers

  • Stretchable, washable, and recyclable fabric book covers meet reach regulation
  • One size fits for different medium and jumbo books
  • Unique filming hand-written label sticker
  • Embedded ribbon bookmark


There are paper and plastic book covers and book covers on the market, and there are many sizes. Nowadays, most children's books have only two sizes, the big one is the same size as the reader's magazine, and the small one is the same size as the children's homework book. As long as these two sizes of paper and transparent plastic to buy 10 (a total of 40) can.

3. Prepare self-adhesive labels

  • Perfect pre-cut sizes shipping labels, make your use more convenient.
  • Superior quality self-adhesive eliminates the need to add extra tape to your label.
  • The only thing you need to do is print and tear off.
  • This professional design is tailored for transportation.


In addition to the eraser, parents can put this self-adhesive label on pencil boxes, rulers, pencils, and other things brought to school. Forty or fifty children in class together, using almost the same school supplies, school supplies labeled, can save a lot of unnecessary small disputes.

4. Prepare about 2H pencils for children (many teachers will require HB)

Children just enter school, often do not write hard, Hb writing will be a little black, not very easy to wipe clean, children are not very hard, often will rub the homework book, 2h writing is slightly light, easy for children to alter. 


About three months after the children go to school, these 30 pens are almost used. At this time, they buy HB pencils in large quantities.

It is very common for children to lose their pencils in school. Parents need not worry. All children have this stage. Children just go to school, will not take care of their own things, the pen fell on the ground also do not know to pick up at that time, and so on after class to pick up, has been kicked away by other children.

5. Rubber

A high-quality, large, white block eraser specially designed to lift lead markings off paper with very light pressure
Erases cleanly without scratching or tearing paper surface, and leaves no dust!
Non-abrasive block eraser will not crack or harden with age and remains soft and ready to use
Block erasers should be used and stored with a protective sleeve.


Don't buy a very hard drawing eraser, buy that kind of soft fragrant rubber, children are not easy to wipe homework. It's daily consumables. Buy more at the wholesale market.

6. Ruler

Prepare a 15cm small ruler. A small ruler has two long sides. If you want to buy one, one side is straight and the other side is wavy. 


From the first half of the first year to the second half of the semester, Chinese teachers began to train children to do reading essays. They often had to draw wavy lines under the relevant words. With the help of this small ruler, children would draw neat and orderly.

7. Pencil sharpener

No matter what kind of pencil sharpener he bought, he would not use it correctly. If he was not careful, he would leave the scraps everywhere. Can buy a 5 square sugar size office with a pen sharpener.


Product description

Engineered and designed specifically for classroom use, the X-ACTO SchoolPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener combines smart sharpening technology with rugged construction for dependable performance. This sharpener utilizes a flyaway helical cutter to efficiently sharpen pencils to safe, rounded tips without oversharpening. A powerful and quiet electric motor delivers reliable sharpening power without disruption, while an Auto-Reset feature prevents overheating and possible damage. Adjustable for six pencil sizes, the X-ACTO SchoolPro Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener is made to reliably serve large classrooms.

8. Pencil box

There are many kinds of pencil boxes on the market now, and there are all kinds of grades. What we need to remind you is not to prepare iron pencil boxes for children. 


The children's desk is too small. For various reasons, the pencil box on the desk will fall on the ground with a loud noise, which greatly affects the children's listening. That kind of soft big pen bag, about 10 yuan per piece, lightweight, falling on the ground is very small.

9. Schoolbag

When choosing schoolbags, we should pay attention to choose bags with better quality and lighter weight. If you don't prepare lockers in your children's school, the things that children carry to school every day are very heavy. The first thing to reduce is the self-weight of schoolbags.


There is also a better quality of the two-way zipper bag, children go to school, will open the bag zipper countless times, good quality can be used for a long time. 

Parents should visit the school first when they buy a pull-out schoolbag for their children. They should make clear about the floor of the class and whether they need to go to the stage before deciding on the style of the schoolbag.

10. Thermos bottle

Thermos vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, not for use with hot liquids
Durable stainless steel interior and exterior
Hygienic push button lid with pop-up straw and integrated carry handle
Keeps cold for 12 hours
12 oz. capacity; hand washing recommended


Prepare stainless steel (304 food grade) or PP plastic cup for children. Children should drink hot water. Parents should prepare a thermos type of water bottle.

11. Small envelopes

After children go to school, they often encounter the situation of paying fees: Monthly lunch fee, class fee, visit fee, and book fee. They have to pay two or three times a month in small pieces.



Whether it is small change or hundreds of yuan, mothers are advised to put them into small envelopes bought back in advance, and write down the children's class, name, amount and purpose of money on the envelope.

12. Folder

It's very useful. After a child goes to school, the teacher will often send out some notice about the single piece of paper or the homework that the child does at home. 


In the process of going to school and going back to school, if there is no clip to clip these pieces of paper neatly, the parents will see the crumpled paper ball kneaded in the schoolbag when they go home. If you buy a folder with a clip in the middle and a side pocket on the side, it's better to pack the small letter of payment in the side pocket.


The Essential Homeschool Supply Checklist: Senior-level.

1. Notebook

It's important to have a favorite book. Usually is a notebook of each subject, from grade one or senior one to grade three or senior three, a thick one. I recommend a notebook with a bookcase. It's not easy to break if you take it in the drawer all day.


Product description

LASTS ALL YEAR. GUARANTEED! Five Star 1 subject notebook has 100 double-sided, college ruled pages, which are ink bleed resistant. The notebook features a water-resistant plastic front cover and a coated Kraft back cover to protect your notes and deliver yearlong durability. The included 2-pocket storage page is also reinforced to prevent tearing. Neat Sheet perforated pages let you tear-out sheets. Spiral Lock wire binding prevents coil snags. 11" x 8-1/2" torn out page size. 11" x 9-1/8"overall size. Available in assorted colors including Gray, Orange, Lime, Yellow, Teal, and Pink. 6 Pack. ACCO Brands will replace any Five Star notebook that is returned within one year from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not cover damage due to abuse. Contact ACCO Brands Consumer Affairs for instructions. Under normal usage, paper resists ink bleed with common student writing instruments such as pencils, ballpoint pens, gel pens, felt tip pens, and highlighters. Based on independent laboratory test results that establish pocket tear strength as compared to non-reinforced pocket in Five Star notebook.

2. Wordbook


English word book. Copying words has become a daily necessity. That kind of thick word book can be used for a long time. Especially in dictation, if you can't remember, you can turn over the front.

3. Post-it notes


The most simple light yellow is recommended. It would be better if it had horizontal lines. I like to paste light yellow ones when I revise them. I can see them clearly when I write with a pen in various colors.

4. Memorandum


In fact, you can take a notebook or an exercise book issued by the school. You can write the homework in advance on the memo. Don't be afraid of being stupid, just afraid of being lazy.

5. Guidance book


Try to buy the tutorial book one week after the beginning of school. There are too many versions on the market now. If you buy it before the beginning of school, you may buy the wrong version, and you may buy the same book as the one prescribed by the teacher.

6. Black pen


It must be a pen you are used to. It is recommended to use 0.5mm pen, because it is required to be 0.5mm in the college entrance examination so that the machine can recognize it. At the same time, the test is also required to use black.

7. Blue pen


The blue pen is also very useful. Take notes, correct the problem when the best to use a different color pen, review more relaxed.

8. Red pen


A red pen is a must, generally used to mark homework, draw key points.

9. Movable pencil


It's recommended to use it better. It can be used for a long time. If possible not use the plastic tip.

10.2b pencil


For examination only, when you use the answer card, you must have one. Remember to buy the genuine one. Some students bought inferior products in the exam, and the computer couldn't read it. The consequences were very tragic

11. Highlighter


You will use it when you draw the key points, but don't buy a lot of them. Choose the color you like and don't draw them everywhere. It will be very messy. Generally, two to three sticks are enough.

12. Rubber


Just buy the cleanest eraser with the most simple appearance. The ones that look lovely are not easy to use and are only suitable for collection.

13. Stapler


Often used in school, remember to bring a small box of staples, when the examination papers are arranged together. The process of borrowing a stapler can also accumulate popularity for yourself. Others will think you are very careful.

PS: just bring that small one, not the big one.

14. Clamp


The clip is used to clip examination papers. When finishing the examination paper, it is very beautiful to clip it with a small clip.

15. Pencil case


Because the pencil box will make a lot of noise when it falls down. This situation should be encountered by many people. The whole class turns to look at you and feels embarrassed. A dark color is recommended for a pencil case.

16. Glue


Solid glue is recommended. It's better not to use the liquid one. It's hard to make it when it's overturned.

17. Refill


I like to buy barrel refills, which have many styles. A bucket seems to be fifty or seventy. It's long enough. The refill is still morning light, and the ink is very smooth.

18. Compasses


Mathematics must be used, it is recommended to buy metal, not easy to break, a fall of plastic will break, and always move when using.

19. Set ruler


Mathematics must be used.

20. File bag


Put the test papers in the file bag after they are bound up. Junior high school students suggest 8 folders, one for each subject. The last one is for sundries. This will really make your schoolbag neat.

21. Pencil sharpener


If you have a pencil, you will have a pencil sharpener. They are golden partners, that's the truth. I recommend a smaller one.

22. USB flash disk


Teachers often copy materials for us, so we will put them in the pencil bags, anyway, it is not bad to carry them.

23. Calculator


Mathematics must be used.

24. Confidence and good mood


The good news is that anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procrastination, low self-esteem, and other 'black holes' of depression can be cured without drugs. In Feeling Good, eminent psychiatrist David D. Burns, M.D. outlines the remarkable, scientifically proven techniques that will immediately lift your spirits and help you develop a positive outlook on life.

Facing the new semester, confidence is the key, of course, we should have a good mood!

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