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What is the best gaming mouse in the world?

What is the best gaming mouse in the world? such as Razer Pro, Logitech G203, Razer Purgatory Viper V2, Logitech G502, Corsair Ironclaw RGB..
No matter which PC game you play, the world's best gaming mouse can help you stand out from the competition. The confrontation of other online players, lightning-fast response speed, and perfect comfort make it a great choice for any gaming equipment.

The only problem? The title of "best gaming mouse in the world" has no shortage of competitors. This is why we put these recommendations together. This guide will always be updated with new challenges.

Since some mice are specifically designed for certain types of games, we also provide some suggestions that will be suitable for fans of first-person shooters, role-playing games, etc.

Top 10 Best Gaming Mouse In The World to Buy

Before you start using it, you need to pay attention to the following points when looking for the best gaming mouse:

 DPI stands for "dots per inch". It determines the number of pixels that the cursor moves once per inch. The higher the number, the better.

 IPS: This is the abbreviation of "inches per second." It shows how fast the mouse can go while maintaining accuracy.

You will find the scores of both under the recommendation of each gaming mouse, which is a good starting point. Whether it is a wired device or the best wireless gaming mouse, they are all defined by their speed and accuracy. 

When paired with one of the best gaming keyboard recommendations, they will give you an advantage in most games.

Want to know what brand of gaming mouse is good? Below, we provide answers to Frequently asked questions that will help you to buy the best gaming mouse in the world

In short, each brand of gaming mouse is better than good, and there are also relatively poor gaming mice. After all, they are designed for consumers of different levels. Which brand of gaming mouse is better? 

It's really not easy to say, because many people The brands you like are different, and gaming mice of different brands bring different experiences to consumers. 

I don’t know what brand other people like. Generally, people who play games have higher requirements for gaming mice.

Check out the World's Best Gaming Mouse Reviews recommendations.

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1. Razer Pro-the best gaming mouse overall


Interface: Wireless/Wired | Shape: Right-handed version |  DPI:  20,000 |  IPS: Up to 650 |  Button: 10/14/20 |  Switch: Photoelectric |  Weight: 117 grams

  • Amazingly fast
  • High precision
  • Wireless or wired
  • expensive

Everyone must make concessions somewhere. It is difficult to find a mouse that can meet all gaming needs. The reason why Razer Pro is recommended is that it has three unique detachable panels that allow you to make various preparations in multiplayer online tactical competitive games. The exchange between them is easy, and they make it easier to play massively multiplayer online games, especially since your attacking wealth is within easy reach. In other words, in games like Guild Wars 2, you don’t have to bother to find the right key.

Of course, its wireless capabilities may make some gamers hesitate. But from our extensive testing, Razer’s HyperSpeed ​​technology allows us to feel no delay in the game. And, since you can always plug it in via a Speedflex USB cable, you will have the best of both worlds. Especially because the wireless battery life of the mouse is still very long.

Combined with the whip-crack response capability provided by its 20,000 DPI sensor, Razer Nagavan Snake Pro will provide the perfect setting for the next generation of games. You can even get the left-handed version of Razer, so no one will miss it (better yet, it is the best left-handed gaming mouse currently available).

2. Logitech G203 Lightsync – the most affordable gaming mouse


Interface: Wired |  Shape: Right-handed version |  DPI :  8,000 |  IPS: Up to 200 |  Buttons:  6 |  Switch: Mechanical |  Weight:  85 grams

  • Very affordable
  • Excellent entry-level gaming mouse
  • Sleek design
  • Lower DPI
Is the budget limited? We recommend using Logitech G203 Light sync. In addition to its reasonable price, it is also the best gaming mouse for those on a budget, because it strikes a balance between excellent features and low cost.

Under the housing, through a responsive switch with six programmable buttons, you will get a satisfying but quick click. These are supported by an optical sensor, which provides DPI from 200 to 8,000. Although this is not as high-performance as the other entries in the list, it is sufficient to meet the requirements. In addition, compared with the "normal" non-gaming mouse, it will still be a huge improvement.

It also looks much better; its design exudes a sense of quality, and in this price range, the mouse does not always have that sense of quality. The appearance is not all, but G203 Lightsync still has an excellent three-zone RGB lighting function.

3. Razer Purgatory Viper V2 – The best mid-range gaming mouse


Interface: Wired |  Shape: Right-handed version |  DPI: 20,000 |  IPS: Up to 650 |  Buttons: 8 |  Switch: Optoelectronics |  Weight: 82 grams

  • Accurate and reliable sensor
  • Perfectly shaped, suitable for all kinds of grips
  • comfortable
  • The material may be more luxurious

This seems to be an impossible task, but Razer V2 has improved or even surpassed the classic purgatory in almost all aspects. First of all, it is one of the most comfortable mice and the best gaming mouse for under $50. From claws to palms, it is the perfect choice for any gripping style.

This is also very accurate. V2 is equipped with a 20,000 DPI sensor, which is far ahead of the competition. It also has a power rating of 650 inches per second, so even if you pounce it on the mouse pad, it will still perform well.

Although it doesn't lack other controls like the other mice on this list, the two extra thumb buttons on the side are placed well enough that you don't need to worry about accidentally hitting them in battle. They are also located above the low-key but effective grips.

4. Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless – The best quality gaming mouse


Interface: Wireless/Wired | Shape: Right-handed version |  DPI: 16,000 |  IPS: Up to 400 |  Buttons:  11 |  Switch: Mechanical |  Weight: 114 grams

  • Compatible with the PowerPlay charging pad
  • Customizable
  • comfortable
  • expensive

You will often find that Logitech G502 Lightspeed Wireless is number one on the "best" list for a reason; it is absolutely excellent. This version is the successor to the classic G502 gaming mouse. It is based on a 16,000 DPI HERO sensor, a customizable weight to change the feeling of use, and 11 programmable buttons, inheriting the tradition of the original product. These are not annoying positions either. They are cleverly built into the side of the mouse to prevent you from getting in the way.

Lightspeed also avoids all the fuss when it comes to charging cables. This is because it is compatible with the Logitech PowerPlay charging mat, which means you can play games and charge them at the same time. This is a revelation-because the mouse's battery is exhausted, it is troublesome to have to pause the game halfway and unplug the wire.

Yes, similar features make it an expensive kit. But honestly, it's worth the price.

5. Corsair Ironclaw RGB-a gaming mouse for big hands


Interface: Wired |  Shape: Right-handed version |  DPI:  18,000 |  IPS: Up to 400 |  Buttons: 7 |  Switch: Omron |  Weight: 105 grams

  • Comfortable wide mouse
  • High-performance sensor
  • Thoughtful software features
  • Heavier than a wired mouse

All kinds of people can play games, but not all gaming mice are suitable for them. If you have large hands and you find that some mice are small, the Ironclaw RGB of Corsair should be your first choice. This is excellent hardware that can work and entertain you well.

As you would expect from a pirate ship, Iron Claw is built of the highest quality. From sturdy rubber to smooth frosted plastic, the combination of various sturdy materials is a winner in terms of ergonomics. The sturdy braided cable also helps to enhance the sense of quality.

Nor is it slack in terms of functionality. It offers an enviable 18,000 DPI sensor with a tolerance of 400 IPS, which means that it can still track your movement when the mouse slides over the mat. In addition, the click action of each button is tactile.

6. Corsair Scimitar RGB Elite – best for competitive games


Interface: Wired |  Shape: Right-handed version |  DPI: 18,000 |  IPS: Up to 400 |  Button: 17 |  Switch: Omron |  Weight: 122 grams

  • 12 programmable buttons
  • Excellent construction quality
  • high sensitivity
  • The side buttons are small

Play a lot of MMO or MOBA games? You need the pirate ship Scimitar RGB Elite. It provides enviable controls for these types of games; the new Scimitar is equipped with an advanced 18,000 DPI sensor and superb craftsmanship, with 12 programmable side buttons on the sliding thumb board, allowing you to adjust its position at will. This makes managing various commands easier and faster than ever.

Naturally, putting your skillset under your thumb like this is a real boon-eliminating any need to distort your hand and hit multiple buttons at once. Even better, these buttons have alternating textures to help you navigate the keyboard without looking. This optimizes your response time and allows you to react to threats more quickly.

That is Scimitar RGB Elite. It is effective, intuitive, and well-made. We highly recommend it.

7. Razer Viper – Best for shooting games


Interface: Wired |  Shape: Two-handed version |  DPI: 16,000 |  IPS: Up to 450 |  Buttons: 8 |  Switch: Optoelectronics |  Weight:  69 grams

  • Quick click
  • Very light
  • The design will not suit everyone
  • Awkward DPI button

Razer’s Viper is specially designed for e-sports players, and its competitive advantage can be clearly seen from the speed of the mouse. Fast, responsive, and long-term comfort. It is also very lightweight. Weighing only 69 grams, you can easily manipulate it on the mouse pad.

The real highlight should be the brand new photoelectric switch. They allow for an almost instant response when clicked. Most gaming mice use metal contacts to record clicks, but the Viper uses a much faster-infrared beam to transmit electrical signals to the PC. This means that your reaction to Viper is much faster than normal, which will give you an advantage in multiplayer shooting games.

8. Ice Leopard Kone Pure Ultra-the lightest gaming mouse


Interface: Wired |  Shape: Right-handed version |  DPI: 16,000 |  IPS: Up to 450 |  Buttons: 7 |  Switch: Titan |  Weight: 66 grams

  • Lightweight design
  • Comfortable
  • Feels good to use
  • Cable feels fragile

Becoming the lightest mouse is an honor pursued by many brands, but Ice Leopard Kone Pure Ultra pushed them to the top of the list. It weighs only 66 grams and is the first ergonomically lightweight gaming mouse.

In a practical sense, what does this mean? Basically, Ice Leopard has been working behind the scenes to create a lightweight internal structure that does not affect the shell design. It has a wear-resistant coating that is easy to grip, so it is very comfortable to use.

Although Kone lacks the rich features of programmable buttons provided by other mice, it firmly grasps the basics and has excellent performance-it will slide effortlessly on the mouse pad. In addition, its Titan click technology helps every button feel heavy and satisfying when pressed.

9. ROG Pugio II Ambidextrous – the most dexterous gaming mouse


Interface: Wireless/Wired |  Shape: Two-handed version |  DPI: 16,000 |  IPS: Up to 400 |  Buttons: 7 |  Switch: Omron |  Weight: 102 grams

  • Comfortable and precise
  • Pluggable push-button switch
  • Ideal for left-handed or right-handed users
  • Very troublesome to set up
It’s incredible to take into account left-handed users at the same time. They want to please two owners-left-handed users. Usually, this leads to a compromise, which is not very comfortable for anyone. This is not the case with ROG Pugio II.

The Republic of Gamers uses well-designed pointers, which are excellent in any camp. This is undoubtedly the best choice. We think it is the best gaming mouse for smart users. That's because it makes comfort surpass speed, which is great news for left-handed users. The side buttons are also configurable, allowing you to swap them out, add more buttons or remove them completely from the side.

Another advantage of ROG Pugio II compared to its competitors is its three-mode connection. It can be used with 2.4GHz wireless devices, Bluetooth connection (if needed), or old-fashioned USB cables. Complete.

10. Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro – the best wireless gaming mouse


Interface: Wireless/Wired |  Shape: Right-handed version |  DPI: 18,000 |  IPS: Up to 450 |  Buttons: 8 |  Switch: Omron |  Weight: 133 grams

  • Suitable for long meetings
  • Smart button placement
  • Responsive connection
  • The rollers look worn

The pirate ship Dark Core RGB Pro is a reimagining of nostalgic collections, with style and clever upgrades for emergencies. Its impressive Slipstream technology creates a responsive wireless connection that matches most wired mice, and the two extra buttons on the left click allow you to quickly increase or decrease DPI. For online shooting games, this is the perfect choice because it can use different sensitivities in real time. Activating them will not remove the index finger from the left mouse button. This helps increase response time and allows you to adapt to the situation faster than usual.

At the same time, it is surprisingly effective in terms of ergonomics. Despite hours of gaming or work, this mouse can still maintain comfort-equipped with an excellent Roccat Kain 120 AIMO. It’s also nice to add an optional "wing" and let your little finger rest on it.

in short? Dark Core RGB Pro is a great addition to Corsair’s impressive line of gaming mice and the best wireless mouse we’ve tried recently.

FAQ about the best gaming mouse in the world

What brand of gaming mouse is good?

What brand of gaming mouse is good? While the market for high-end gaming peripherals in my country is expanding, peripheral manufacturers that mainly promote high-end gaming peripherals are gradually becoming the new darling of the new round of the market. In the context of the country's emphasis on the upgrading and transformation of major industries, game peripherals ushered in a brand new technological change.

  With the development of science and technology, while the game industry is constantly upgrading and improving, game peripherals have also been upgraded accordingly. Major game peripheral manufacturers have made innovations and changes in product technology and design concepts in response to the upgrade of the game industry and the actual needs of consumers, in order to occupy a larger market share in the peripheral market. 

  From the consumer's point of view, the upgrading of the game industry does not arouse their attention, and the game peripheral products themselves can make consumers feel more effective and satisfy their needs. As the most important gaming peripheral, the gaming mouse has always been a product that consumers pay more attention to. What brand of gaming mouse is good? It has also become a topic of discussion among many game players.

  For gaming mouse brands, I believe that many players prefer brands with technological research and development capabilities so that such brands can innovate in product technology and continuously improve product design concepts.

What to look for in a gaming mouse?

1. See DPI

DPI refers to the sensitivity of the mouse. High DPI means that under the same moving distance, the cursor travels longer on the screen, and can react more quickly in the game. It will be very effective in some intense games. Works. Therefore, choosing a mouse with an adjustable DPI is more conducive to us continuous debugging to find a DPI suitable for our use. 

You can also set the DPI and other parameters of the mouse in more detail in the software supporting the mouse, and save them. Into a variety of configuration schemes to meet the needs of different games.

2. Wired or wireless

The emergence of wireless mice is indeed convenient for many users, but with the current technology, the daily office is still no problem. Once it comes to the game, the shortcomings of the high latency of wireless mouse will be magnified, so more gamers are choosing Wired Mouse.

3. Useful buttons

Nowadays, some mice have as many as 20 buttons, but there are generally no more than 10 buttons actually used, and too many mouse buttons are not conducive to ergonomic design, so there are not many buttons, but the essence.

Is a wireless mouse suitable for playing games?

Many people like to use a wireless mouse, and so is the author. After all, it is very free, without wire constraints, and it makes the table look cleaner. 

But many gamers, many people say that wireless mice are not suitable for playing games, because there is a delay, then wireless mice are really not suitable for playing games?

1. Delay

Currently, there are two types of wireless mice. One is the 2.4GHz wireless connection mode, which requires a receiver to be plugged into the computer, and the other is the Bluetooth mode. Currently, 2.4GHz wireless connection is the main focus, although the development of wireless mouse is not bad. 

However, due to transmission problems, the delay is actually greater than that of a wired mouse, especially for games that have high requirements for delay, a wireless mouse is really not suitable.

Of course, most games can actually be played with a wireless mouse. Basically, there is no latency problem. In general, the latency of a wireless mouse is much better than that of a wireless keyboard.

2. Battery

As far as the author thinks, the battery is the biggest reason that affects the wireless mouse to play games. I believe that many people will encounter a sudden loss of power when playing games or using the computer, which is really very troublesome. 

At present, wireless mice on e-commerce are mainly rechargeable mice equipped with lithium batteries. Dry battery mice are rarely seen, but whether it is lithium batteries or dry batteries if the energy-saving measures for wireless mice are not done well, they will soon Without electricity, a poor mouse will have no electricity in one month, and if it is better, it can last for half a year or even nearly a year.

Therefore, it is recommended that everyone try to choose a better brand when purchasing a wireless mouse. Non-brand products are not only poor in workmanship, and poor quality, but also extremely power-intensive.

3. Other factors

Because it is wireless transmission, no matter whether it is Bluetooth or 2.4GHz wireless connection, there is the situation of interference by external signals, so the problem of signal loss or signal error is inevitable.

4. Parameter

The performance parameters of a wireless mouse are actually far inferior to a wired mouse, such as refresh rate and return rate. There is usually no way to accurately locate a wireless mouse when it is moving fast. There are very few wireless mice that can reach 1000Hz, and even if there are, the price is not low.


The function of a wireless mouse is mainly to eliminate the shortcomings of a wired connection, making it more convenient to carry, and can fully meet daily office and entertainment, but if you like to play gaming games, it is better to buy a wired mouse.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless mice?

First of all, there are three advantages: 
  1. Simple and unconstrained, will not jam; 
  2. Make the desktop tidier; 
  3. Convenient to carry, and more suitable for gaming notebooks.
Next are three disadvantages: 
  1. The price is relatively high, and the price is not as good as wired at the same price; 
  2. Need to recharge/replace the battery; 
  3. Signal interference may occur in individual cases.
Combining the above advantages and disadvantages, the editor gives a few suggestions to friends who want to start with a wireless mouse. First, if the budget is less than 100 dollars, try to choose a wired mouse. In addition, try to choose a brand with optimized wireless delay. Logitech's G series is the first choice. Second, Razer can also choose, try to avoid low-priced small brands, and hope to provide some help for everyone to buy a mouse.

Gaming mouse sensor: why delay can ruin your game?

The number one public enemy in the game is not your opponent, but the delay of your mouse. Delay is the time it takes for your mouse to move to the screen. Of course, you need to know the minimum delay or effective delay of your mouse. 

Three factors determine the delay of the mouse.

1. USB return rate-refresh

The USB return rate is the USB refresh rate, which refers to the frequency at which your computer receives mouse movement data through the USB interface. In other words, it is the response time, or Hertz (Hz). For example, 125Hz is 125 response data per second; 1000Hz is 1000 response data per second (1 response per millisecond). 1000Hz is the fastest rate of return nowadays, so don't let the market labeled 2000Hz be clouded. The truth is that there are 2 feedback reports every millisecond, which means there is one response every millisecond. Science>Market!

2. Firmware-the victory of writing

The hardware glues all the performance of the mouse together. When you rely on mouse stability, system compatibility, and low button latency, you need to make sure that these are well written into the firmware. Not all firmware is balanced. Firmware written by an inexperienced company will cause instability and unpredictable consequences, and compatibility and delay will increase. Therefore, when you want to buy a new mouse, you must choose a brand that has established enough competitiveness and has a brand that has been producing competitive gaming mice for more than ten years.


SROM stands for Secure Read-Only Memory (secure read-only memory), that is, instructions that can debug sensor performance. Not all sensors have SROM and sensors with SROM can customize the sensor to achieve faster response time and higher accuracy.
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