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What Are The Types Of Coffee Machines

What Are The Types Of Coffee Machines, They are Siphon Coffee Makers, Belgian Royal Coffee Makers, Mocha Coffee Makers, Drip Coffee Makers, Espresso..


In this article, we will talk What Are The Types Of Coffee Machines. Now it's a fashion to drink coffee. The strong fragrance and the bitter feeling brought by coffee can be easily tasted, and the instant tiredness can't be revived. 

This is the magic function of coffee. With the improvement of living standard, people have the ability to buy a coffee machine by themselves, which is also more convenient to use. But many people don't know the classification of the coffee machine very well, and they are at a loss when they buy it. 

Today, I will try to sort out some information about coffee machine classification. Let's have a look.

What Are The Types Of Coffee Machines

The History of Coffee Machines

The coffee machine is one of the earliest inventions in Europe. It came out in France in about 1685, and it was widely spread throughout the country during Louis 15. It's just a glass water bottle with a heated metal plate and an alcohol lamp underneath. 

Because this kind of coffee pot is very time-consuming, Benjamin Thompson, an American, invented the Langford filter coffee pot, which was very popular at that time.

In 1763, French Dun Martin invented to put the crushed coffee beans into the flannel pocket, hang them at the edge of the pot, inject hot water, and let the coffee in the bag and hot water heat for a long time, producing different forms of cooking, greatly improving the flavor of the coffee.

In 1800, the Archbishop of Paris de Bello invented a pot coffee heater which is divided into two sections. It is specially designed to keep the coffee fragrance from overflowing. 

It can be said that it is the ancestor of today's drip filter coffee pot. In this kind of pot, the ground coffee is placed in a porous container on the top of the coffee pot, and hot water is injected from the container, and the water flows to the bottom of the coffee pot through these small holes of the container. 

It is characterized by the use of cold water to quench, at a rate of 40 drops per minute, slowly dropping the essence of coffee slowly. As the speed is very slow, it is necessary to select the coffee powder with a very fine grinding to extract. The coffee brewed in this way contains very low caffeine and tastes very refreshing.

In 1840, British marine engineer Nabel invented the siphon coffee heater. This kind of heater is designed according to the principle that when the water boils, the air pressure in the container containing the coffee powder decreases, and then the boiling water is automatically sucked into the coffee. This is the predecessor of the royal coffee pot in Belgium.


Types of Coffee Machines:

Siphon coffee pot, Belgian Royal Coffee Pot, mocha coffee pot, drip coffee pot, American electric coffee pot, French filter pressure coffee pot, Italian coffee machine.

Coffee Machines Introduction (representing different methods of making coffee):

1. Siphon Coffee Makers

The siphon Coffee Makers are also called the airproof pot or vacuum pot. It is made of glass. The water below is heated by an alcohol lamp or gas lamp. The coffee beans should be ground to medium thickness and put on the top, there is a cloth wrapped filter screen in the middle. 

When the water boils, the steam pressure forces the water to rise through the pipe. At this time, the coffee bean powder in the upper pot contact with the hot water, which is mixed like mud through the action of mixing, and the four flavors and the fragrance of coffee are dissolved. 

After the coffee and water are fully soaked, the fire source will be extinguished. When the air in the lower ball cools, a vacuum state will be formed. The coffee liquid will be sucked back into the base through the filter cloth. 

At this time, the coffee will be poured into the preheated cup, and you can be intoxicated by it after the coffee and water are fully soaked, the fire source will be extinguished. When the air in the lower ball cools, a vacuum state will be formed. 

The coffee liquid will be sucked back into the base through the filter cloth. At this time, pour the coffee into the preheated cup, and then you can indulge in its unique fragrance and enjoy the taste of both sweetness and bitterness.

In recent years, the so-called ground coffee (Italian espresso) has become popular. Compared with this kind of siphon coffee pot, which needs high technology and more complicated procedures. 

There is a trend of gradual decline in today's industry and commerce society, but the mellow coffee that siphon coffee pot can make is generally incomparable to the ground coffee made by machine.

To make coffee in a siphon coffee pot, we should pay attention to the following points: water quantity, water quality, fire, coffee powder dosage, thickness, mixing, and time.


Step 1. Pour hot water into the ball under the glass.

When boiling a cup, add 200ml of water into the lower ball, 175ml if not pouring the bottom water, and 350ml if boiling two cups. After pouring the water, wipe the ball under the glass with a rag, otherwise, it will easily break the glass.

Step 2 install the filter into the upper ball.

Take out the filter from the water, clean it and press it dry, hook the hook of the filter to the bottom of the upper ball, and then adjust the position of the filter to the middle position with the adjusting rod.
Step 3: After the water boils, insert the upper ball into the lower ball.

Turn it into a small fire, and carefully place the upper ball of the glass obliquely into the lower ball. When making sure that the water won't roll too much and spray out, press the upper ball of the glass straight and slightly downward and rotate it at the same time.

Step 4: put the coffee powder after the water rises halfway, start mixing, and start timing after mixing.

Pour 15 grams into each cup, and start the first mixing. When mixing, do not circle. Draw three-quarters of a circle back and forth. Press the powder into the water from top to bottom, so that the two forces in different directions collide with each other. Do not mix for too long, just disperse the coffee powder.

Step 5. Do the second stirring in 25 seconds.

Step 6: stir for the third time in 55 seconds and turn off the fire in 60 seconds.
It takes only 50 seconds (the second time in 20 seconds, the third time in 45 seconds) to make a cup of coffee. 

After turning off the fire, quickly pull up the upper ball, pour out the remaining water from the lower ball, and then plug it back into the upper ball. This kind of action is called pouring bottom water. If you don't want to do this step, the water only needs 175㏄.

Step 7. Immediately wipe the ball under the glass with a wet and a cold towel after turning off the fire.

Step 8. When the coffee liquor is filtered to the end, pull up the ball on the glass and don't let the last coffee flow down.

The cleaning and preservation of filter cloth is a troublesome work when making coffee in a siphon way. After the first use, the cloth quality changes from white to brown, accumulating fat, and protein that can not be completely removed. Contacting the air will produce a disgusting odor and seriously affect the taste of the coffee.

2. Belgian Royal Coffee Makers

Belgian Royal Coffee Maker's operation principle is the same as siphon coffee, but it is very simple!


Step 1. Add the required water amount into the metal pot, about 350CC for two people, and cover it tightly.

Step 2: put the required coffee powder in a glass pot at another end, about 30g for two people.

Step 3: lift the metal pot, open the cover of the alcohol lamp, clamp the cover of the alcohol lamp with the metal pot, and light the alcohol lamp.

Step 4: After the water is heated, the hot water flows into the glass pot with the siphon pipe to contact the coffee powder. Once the water in the metal pot is less and less, the weight is lighter and lighter. 

Finally, the alcohol lamp cover is bounced back and the fire is extinguished. After the metal pot is no longer heated and cooled, the coffee and the coffee slag are separated by the filter at one end of the siphon pipe, and the water is slowly sucked back from the glass pot.

3. Mocha Coffee Makers

The high-pressure coffee is Italian style. It originally refers to a high-pressure and fast coffee-making method. Later, the coffee made in this way was also called mocha coffee

When brewing coffee in this way, first compact the soft and fine powder with the same particle size as the compactor. The coffee bean powder in the filter must be strong and compact to form a cake shaped coffee block, so as to resist the scouring and boiling time of 8 to 9BAR hot water pressure. 

Under strong pressure, hot water seeps through the coffee block. When the filling pressure of the coffee block is consistent, each coffee bean powder can be evenly extracted by hot water. 

When it is completely injected into the cup, a small cup of Italian espresso with strong and fragrant taste can be instantly obtained. Whether the pressure and resistance can reach a balanced symmetry is just to brew a cup of Mocha with thick and good taste Coffee is an indispensable factor.

Because mocha coffee uses 8-9bar pressure to force hot water to pass through coffee powder quickly, the extraction time of each cup of coffee is only about 25-30 seconds, saving a lot of time and cost. Because of the time of water passing through coffee powder is very short, the grinding scale needs to be careful and stable.

In order to obtain good grinding quality, a good grinder is indispensable, because a good coffee can only be obtained by using a grinder that can cut beans quickly, raise the temperature slowly, grind beans with uniform fine density, and match with fresh coffee beans.

A good Mocha coffee should be strong but not too bitter. With milk and milk foam, you can get a cup of fragrant and rich white coffee. The fragrant Mocha coffee and thin milk foam attract the collocation of consumers and create a booming Cafe market.

In the general family, the more economical choice is the mocha pot, and it's quite personalized, beautiful, and does not occupy space, which is also very popular. Most of the early materials are aluminum products, but now they are more harmless stainless steel plastic materials.


Step 1: select espresso special coffee beans, which need to be grinded more finely than American coffee, but not to the extent of powder. If it is grinded too finely, the coffee powder will penetrate the metal filter screen, leaving residue, and cause excessive extraction and too bitter and too astringent. If it is grinded too coarse, hot water will pass through the coffee too quickly, resulting in insufficient extraction and taste.

Step 2. Put a proper amount of hot water into the bottom of the mocha pot (usually the amount of espresso boiled out is not more than 60㏄).

Step 3: put the coffee powder into the funnel-shaped container in the middle of the mocha pot. The dosage of each cup is about 8 or 9g. Spread the coffee powder, squeeze it slightly, but do not press it too tightly, and then put it into the pot.

Step 4: fasten the upper seat and the lower seat of the Mocha kettle completely to ensure that the water will not seep out from the middle when boiling. Then heat the Mocha kettle from the bottom. You can take it by hand or put it on a special shelf, and heat it with an alcohol lamp or gas stove at the bottom until the water flows to the upper seat after boiling.

4. Drip Coffee Makers

Drip Coffee Makers, not exactly a pot, it's a way of making coffee. Put filter paper or strainer on the top of the container put coarse grinding powder, pour water in from the top (the skill of adding water is very important), and coffee leaks out from the bottom.

To make a cup of drip filter coffee in the simplest way, you only need to prepare a filter (sold in many coffee shops, including heat-resistant plastic, ceramic, and metal materials, which can be purchased according to your preference). 

Next, you just need to take a mug that you usually use, put the filter on the cup, cover the filter paper, pour the ground coffee bean powder, and prepare a pot Hot boiled water, you can make a cup of coffee at home.

Filter paper drop brewing method is mainly to make coffee bean powder fully mixed with hot water, dissolve out four flavors and one fragrance in coffee, and then drip out through filter paper. 

This method can filter the fat, protein, and bad impurities contained in coffee, and get a fresh coffee with a refreshing taste, while enjoying the delicious taste and taking into account for your health.

The first time you make your own brewing, just pay attention to the following items, you can easily enjoy the good taste at home.

Beans: good beans make good coffee. Choose the beans that are suitable for your taste. Buy a small amount depending on the amount used. Keep them in a closed container to keep them fresh and charming. 

Of course, if you have a larger budget, it's definitely worth investing in a good bean grinder. The fresh ground coffee bean powder can provide the fragrance in the air and the delicious brewed taste so that your investment will be absolutely worth the reward.

Water flow: the biggest skill of brewing the coffee is to control the thickness and stability of the water flow. The stable and moderate water flow spirals outward from the central point of the filter, like a mixing bar evenly mixing the coffee powder and hot water, releasing all the mellow and mellow. 

If you're already addicted to fizzy coffee brewing, At this time, you may as well buy a beautiful brewing pot, its biggest feature is its long and thin outlet pipe, which can make people who have never used it easily pour out a thin and stable water flow, and help you have the brewing level of a professional coffee maker in an instant. The delicious coffee is nothing less.

Warm cup: in addition, remind all coffee lovers that hot coffee must be drunk while it is hot, which is the most delicious moment of coffee. The action of the warm cup can extend the heat of the coffee. 

As long as the hot water is injected into the coffee cup first, the cup will be warm by the temperature of hot water, and then poured into the freshly brewed hot coffee after pouring out the hot water, it can help maintain the heat of coffee and extend the time of enjoying delicious coffee.


Step 1: the next part of the filter paper is folded along the suture part and then put it into the drip.

Step 2. Pour one portion (about 10-12g per serving) of coffee powder from cinnamon into the drip with a measuring spoon, and then tap a few times to make the surface flat.

Step 3: Boil the water in the teapot and pour it into the fine spout teapot. Pour the boiling water (the water temperature is about 95 ℃) into the teapot gently and steadily from the center point. Slowly start the boiling water to permeate and spread all over the coffee powder in a spiral way. Be sure to pour in slowly.

Step 4. In order to extract the delicious ingredients, steam the expanded coffee powder (stay for about 20 seconds)

Step 5, the second boiling water, from the surface of the coffee powder slowly into. The amount of water injected must be consistent with the amount of coffee liquid extracted, and the boiling water of filter paper must be kept at a certain amount.

Step 6. When the liquid reaches the capacity, it can be stopped, and the filter paper will be discarded in the state of boiling water.

5. French Press Coffee Maker

Pour in the coffee powder, add hot water, filter, and press down the coffee in 5 minutes. French Press Coffee Maker very convenient.


6. Espresso Coffee Makers

Introduce: brew a cup of a perfect espresso or cappuccino coffee, need to use a special coffee machine to complete. And the machine that makes this kind of coffee is the espresso machine

The machine uses 9 atmospheric pressure and 90 ℃ high-temperature steam to rapidly extract 30 ml of strong coffee liquid from coffee powder in a short period of 24 seconds.

Features: Italian coffee machine can be divided into: semi-automatic and fully automatic. In a nutshell


A semi-automatic coffee machine is a kind of Italian coffee machine that needs to grind its own powder and then fill it. The quality of the coffee produced will change with the person who operates it. 

The automatic machine is automatic from grinding to coffee making. The quality of each cup is relatively balanced, but the taste is slightly inferior to that of a semi-automatic espresso machine.

Taste: the combination of aroma and taste, but the consumption of caffeine is greatly reduced.

Types Of Coffee Makers

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