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How do you get your dog to eat dog food?

How do you get your dog to eat dog food?, Why do some dogs don’t want to eat in summer? Reasons why dogs don't want to eat, How to improve appetite.
Today we are talking about How do you get your dog to eat dog food? Eating the same thing every day isn’t always fun. For you or for your pets. That’s why we’ve got the tips, tricks, and tools on how to get your dog to eat its food if your dog will not eat his favorite foods anymore. Want to know the secret?

On a recent summer day, I feel that the favorite pets of the shovel officers have experienced this: their dogs are apathetic, have no appetite, do not want to eat, and even their favorite foods have no reaction. What should we do at this time?


Basically, most dogs like to eat, but sometimes they put on an attitude of not wanting to eat. First of all, the owner should check the dog's physical condition. It may be due to problems with the teeth and neck. If the teeth are painful, of course, it will reduce appetite, while neck pain will make the dog uncomfortable because of the posture of bowing to eat. 

Another reason may be that you simply don't want to eat. It may be that you are not hungry yet, and you don't like the taste of feed and other mood issues. By finding the reason why the dog is unwilling to eat, then we can easily adjust the food and feeding method in a targeted manner.

Thinking about the reasons for not eating

First of all, we have to think about the reason why the dog does not want to eat. If the dog wants to eat but cannot eat because of periodontal disease and neck disease, consult the veterinarian as soon as possible. 

If you don't want to eat because of mood factors, you might as well observe the situation without feeding for a day. If you still do not eat for a long time, you must find ways to improve your appetite and avoid malnutrition in your dog.

If you stop eating in the middle, it should be due to tooth loss or oral problems such as endo stomatitis, and you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Does a dog's appetite become spoiled? 

Dogs have a big appetite most of the time, but they always "behave demon" intermittently. Dog food is not delicious, even the snacks do not bother to take a look. 

Poop shovel officers often attribute this situation to over-spoiling: eating too many snacks, leading to picky eaters. The dog’s sudden loss of appetite must be for a reason, but it is not necessarily a picky eater. 

It may also be a health problem. Let's look for it with the shit shovel officers. The dog is picky about food. What's wrong in the end?

Here is a list of some of the more common causes 

and corresponding solutions for the pet owner:

Picky eaters 

If the dog's mental state and physical condition are normal, but he refuses the staple food and gives him some snacks, he is most likely to be a picky eater. Snacks are only suitable for daily play and training rewards. 

Once they are excessive, they will not only make the dog think about delicious biscuits, but refuse the real staple food, but also make the little guys quickly get a blessing. This kind of blessing will affect them. 

There is no benefit to healthy development. The number of snacks should not exceed 5% of the total food, and it is recommended to choose low-calorie, low-fat food. Otherwise, once the dog develops the bad habit of picky eaters, the shit scavengers will regret it.


A cold is usually accompanied by an upper respiratory tract infection, which causes the dog's sense of smell to decrease, and food imports are also light and tasteless. If you can't smell the tempting fragrance and taste the delicious food, the dog will naturally lose his appetite and have no intention of eating. 

If the patient is diagnosed with a cold and lack of appetite, he must prescribe the right medicine in time. At the same time, you can use fresh ingredients such as vegetables and beef to make homemade dog food to help your dog's appetite. 

Weather reason 

The sweat glands of dogs are not as developed as humans, and they can only rely on their tongues and soles to dissipate heat. Therefore, in the scorching summer, the dog is hotter and has no appetite than the shovel officer. 

In summer, you must pay attention to the ambient temperature. Even if there are only dogs in the house, it is recommended to take measures to prevent heatstroke for the dogs. 

At the same time, provide enough water for the dog. Normal temperature water is enough. If the water temperature is too low, it may cause gastrointestinal discomfort. 

Food problem 

A sudden change of food and taste will not only make dogs lose their appetite, but also may cause intestinal diseases. Dog food that has been opened for a long time will have a discount on its texture and taste, which may also be a major cause of the dog's sudden loss of appetite. It is generally not recommended to change the dog's food suddenly. 

If you must change it, first add a little new food to the old food and increase the amount of new food day by day until the new food is completely replaced on the tenth day. Usually, dog food should be placed in a cool and dry place, it is best to be sealed to prevent the dog food from spoiling or even spoiling. 

Gastrointestinal disease 

Gastrointestinal diseases, such as gastroenteritis, intestinal parasites, and digestive ulcers, can directly cause loss of appetite in dogs. At the same time, gastrointestinal problems are often a complication of other diseases, and it is best to go to the hospital to rule out the cause. 

Always give the dog a light diet, and at the same time know which foods are taboo for the dog. For gastrointestinal diseases, it is best to seek medical treatment in time and follow the doctor's advice. Avoid empiricism and give your dog casual medication. 

Oral disease 

Dental calculus, gingivitis, oral ulcers, etc., make it difficult for dogs to chew, and thus their appetite will also decrease. Calculus tends to accumulate faster in small dogs. 

Pay attention to your dog's oral cleanliness daily, whether it is toothpaste or mouthwash, it is recommended to clean up at least once a day. If the dog already has dental calculus, go to the hospital for dental cleaning or extraction in time.

Why do some dogs don’t want to eat in summer?

Summer is a season that makes people love and hate. The scorching sun makes people emotionally unstable, but you can taste cold drinks. But often when it comes to eating dinner, you lose your appetite. Similarly, you will find that the pet dog at home also shrinks in the corner and loses the desire to eat.

In fact, everyone should not be too panicked in the face of this situation. 

First, check whether the dog is unwilling to eat because of illness. You can look at the feces of the dog to see if it is sick. If the dog's feces are very thin, the color is abnormal, and the color is slightly red, this proves that the dog is uncomfortable, and you can further confirm what disease the dog has. 

Secondly, by observing whether the dog's nose is wet or dry, it can also be judged from it. In general, the tip of the dog’s nose is moist and slightly cool, so if you find that its nose is a bit dry and hot, the temperature at the base of the ear is quite different, and the appetite is obvious, it means that it is due to illness. 

Take the dog to see a doctor, and the problem of poor appetite can be solved when the condition improves.

If after a basic check, it is found that the dog does not have the above symptoms and is not sick, try to see if the place to feed the dog food is suitable. Sun exposure and places and places where unfamiliar dogs are present generally affect the dog's eating. 

Furthermore, some owners like to stick to their pet dogs and pet them while they are eating. Don't do this again afterward. When the dog eats, just let it eat quietly. Be careful not to feed the food too salty.

Third, you can see if the dog is not eating because of picky eaters. Some owners are more spoilt for pets, and when choosing dog food and food, they will often choose high-quality food for their dogs. 

Obviously, once the food quality is reduced or changed, the dog will become picky and unwilling to eat. If this is the case, the owner needs to correct the dog's picky eating problem.

The fourth is that you can add a little "material" to the dog's food. In the case of overheating in summer, you can add a little cool and fresh yogurt, cheese, etc. to the dog's food to improve the dog's appetite. But also remember to control the amount, too cold or frozen food should not be overdone.

Fifth, pay attention to whether it is a problem with the food itself. You know, sickness comes from the mouth, and the same is true for our pets. 

In addition to the dog's own reasons, the most important thing is to find the problem from the food itself. Pay attention to the production date and shelf life printed on the food packaging bag to ensure that the dog food is fresh and has not expired. 

For the food that the owner makes, it is also necessary to ensure that there is no problem such as deterioration, spoilage, or odor caused by the weather. Give the food to the dog.

The last point is to control the dog's diet. You know, dogs shouldn't eat too salty or heavy mouthfuls. Dogs tend to eat dry food when the weather is relatively cold, and when the weather is relatively hot, dogs like to eat thinner food, so we can cook some porridge, cool fruits, vegetables, etc. This will make your dog's appetite.

Poor appetite in dogs is a common phenomenon. Presumably, many owners’ dogs sometimes don’t want to eat. In fact, there are many factors that cause dogs not to eat in their lives. 

However, what are the specific causes of poor appetite in dogs? It may be due to the influence of the climate, illness, cold, food spoilage, or the bad habit of eating snacks since childhood. There are many reasons. 

Today, I will analyze some of the more common reasons for you in detail!

In fact, there are many reasons why dogs do not want to eat and have no appetite. Due to the dog's owner, we must observe the dog's behavior and then prescribe the correct medication.


Reasons why dogs don't want to eat 

Causes of Loss of appetite:

1. Sickness

If the dog has a cold or fever, or the dog has an infectious disease or has symptoms such as diarrhea or vomiting, it will cause the dog's appetite to decline. It may be a disease of the digestive organs. Heart disease can also cause appetite decline.

2. Heat

Often everyone thinks of some objective reasons while ignoring the dog's own factors. When a dog is anxious, he may not be interested in any food. Another reason is that when the dog is in heat, it may also cause a loss of appetite.

3. Deworming

No matter how much a dog's appetite is and if he eats a lot, he will not gain weight if he does not deworm regularly. It will also cause the dog's appetite to decrease. It is necessary to check whether there are parasites on the dog. 

First of all, attention should be paid to alleviating the cleaning, ventilation, and dryness, often helping the dog to comb the hair and regularly using the insecticidal component of the shower gel. As for the parasites in the body, it needs to be fed with anthelmintic to solve them.

4. Oral problems

If the dog does not eat, you can check whether it has been stabbed by something or has a wound in its mouth. Is it red and swollen because of stomatitis or gingivitis? Dogs cannot eat because of pain or discomfort. 

After eating it, spitting out immediately, or cannot swallow, it is likely that the oral muscles or esophageal nerves have a disorder. When stomatitis occurs in the oral cavity or there are abnormalities in the teeth and tongue, even if you want to eat, you cannot eat it. You May wish to check the dog's mouth for any wounds.

5. Diet

The dog's lack of appetite is most likely due to the owner feeding the dog an excessive amount of food, especially meat. Small dogs are not fed meat, because after feeding they will not have much interest in dog food. Dogs can feed some meat, but not too frequently. 

It is not very good for the dog's health and appetite. If you need to feed meat, it is recommended not to contain salt. Don't feed it to humans either, because the food that humans eat may not be suitable for dogs to eat, so avoid that dogs will be picky eaters.

6. Feed

One is that the feed is single, stale, smelly, etc., and dogs are unwilling to eat it. Second, because the feed contains a lot of chemical seasonings, or contains aromatic, spicy, and other pungent odor substances, as well as particularly sweet or salty foods, all affect the dog's appetite.

7. Long-term lack of exercise

Dogs need a certain amount of exercise every day, dogs that have been indoors for a long time, or dogs that have been trapped in a cage for a long time. Due to lack of exercise, digestion is poor. You can usually bring your dog for exercise, or do some training or mini-games at home, during which you can reward some snacks to arouse your dog's interest. 

In terms of snacks, try to choose some healthy, low-salt, and low-oil snacks, such as the following two small snacks. Dogs eating more snacks with high salt content can also lead to picky eating and even taste disorders.

8. No appetite caused by changes in the taste of pet food

Changing pet food, if we want to vary pet food or the taste of another brand suddenly, it can make some dogs not get used. This can cause the dog's appetite to decrease and not want to eat. 

Some dogs with gastrointestinal sensitivity can cause gastrointestinal discomfort thanks to pet food. It is recommended that you simply use a gradual method to vary the food when changing pet food.

9. Climate change causes canine anorexia

Like us humans, dogs lose their appetites thanks to drastic climatic changes. At this point, we will increase the wealth of pet food. Take some food inside the refrigerator, and mix the dog with some yogurt, wonderful fresh muffins, etc.

This type of ice will cool the dog's stomach and eat it. Plus.

It is also good to let the dog eat a cold drink properly and eat some light vegetables and fruits.

How to improve appetite

1. Develop good eating habits: 

Regular, quantitative, and human-to-eat foods every day. In this case, hunger therapy is used, regular feeding, not taking away after eating, and no more feeding except this time. Also, dog food should be changed frequently, and if you eat more, you will get tired. Just like people, eating the same dishes often affects appetite.

2. Regulate the intestinal tract: 

Feed the dog some nutritious dog food, supplement probiotics and the intestinal conditioning formula of the development treasure, promote gastrointestinal digestion and increase appetite

3. mix some meat: 

Try to mix some meat foam in the dog food to stimulate the appetite of the pet dog. For example: take some slices of lamb, beef, and pork after they are cooked and mix them evenly with the dog food so that it can be seen on the face of the meat and eat more dog food.

4. Supplement of trace elements: 

As zinc can increase appetite, iron can promote blood synthesis, and can also supplement calcium.

Sick dogs generally show other symptoms and need to be sent to the hospital for examination in time, and the right medicine is prescribed. At the same time, parents also need to prepare some light and delicious dog food for their dogs to eat. 

It is recommended to eat non-greasy natural dog food, which can help improve immunity, enhance resistance, and improve the bad habits of picky eaters so that dogs can Say goodbye to the sick man.

5. Add your favorite food

When the dog has no appetite, he can add his favorite food as a side dish in the feed. Add a little wet feed (canned meat) and tender chicken breast to prevent it from only eating side dishes and need to stir it evenly. If you add too much food it likes, it may be too high in calories. 

The number of side dishes added should be 10-20% of the dry feed as the standard. The goal is to gradually reduce the number of side dishes after the appetite is restored, and return to the original food.

6. Change feeding place and mood

If it is simply because of mood problems, you can change your eating place to change your mood. This is also away. For example, the reception feed and dog bowl go out for a walk and let him eat in the park that passes by on the way. 

If it is an indoor dog, it can also be fed in the courtyard or balcony. If the dog is more neurotic, the presence of strangers may be nervous when eating. Try to match the dog's personality.

7. Warm food to increase appetite

Since dog food enhances its taste when heated, it is said to improve palatability. You can also try to add a little hot water to feed the heated food when the dog has no appetite. If you are worried that food is too high in calories, just drizzling it with broth can also increase your appetite.

Conclusion how do you get your dog to eat dog food?

When the dog is not eating, it must be carefully observed in order to operate symptomatically. If it’s the ingredients, make adjustments to the dog’s taste. If it’s the mood, change the environment and adjust your mood. 

If it’s because of illness, send it to the doctor in time. We believe that the reasons why dogs don't eat are basically caused by these above conditions. 

In addition to some of the above common factors, there may be many that are not mentioned in the article. It may also be hoped that all dog owners will give me some tips. Let’s share some knowledge with each other!

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